Review: Supergirl #28 by Tony Bedard and Yildiray Cinar


Supergirl #28 – $2.99
Publisher: DC
Writer: Tony Bedard
Artist: Yildiray Cinar
Inker: Ray McCarthy
Colorist: Dan Brown
Cover: Giuseppe Camuncoli & Cam Smith with Brown

Should you read it: Eh.

This issue of Supergirl kicks off the Red Daughter of Krypton storyline. That’s what the title banner would have you believe, but if you’re here for Red Lantern action, come back next issue. This issue is about rings flying through space while Kara punches the hell out of Lobo. Again.

The angrier, insecure Supergirl is a good hook in the current run, and tying her into the Red Lanterns is an interesting idea. Far better than her series ten years ago where she went on a world tour beating up heroes. This issue just doesn’t have anything new to say on that front.

Writer Tony Bedard put some solid set up in the past few issues, but this issue seems like treading water to catch up to the promised story arc:

Kara has some understandable anger issues from recent events. She is tired of being ordered around and beat on since her series began. Everyone she trusts has let her down. She doesn’t like being in Superman’s shadow, especially since they disagree on everything. You might say, “Hold on, that’s just angry teenage melodrama!” You wouldn’t be wrong, but let’s be clear: this is angry teenage melodrama with a girl who can crack the world in two.

It’s every teenager’s dream to gather all their misunderstandings and responsibilities and throw them back in the world’s face because, “You don’t get me, man.”

Last issue Kara even said she had a friend who was “the only person on Earth who gets me”.

Now one of the most powerful people in the universe is about to be handed the most powerful weapon in the universe. The red, raging, cherry flavored variant. That’s something I want to see. I have anger issues myself, so any stories exploring the control or loss of anger speak to me in all the best ways comic books have been speaking to devoted readers since their creation. I want to make clear I am on board with this.

This issue is just another no holds barred beat down to explain that Kara is still upset and rage prone. A prime ring candidate. As if cutting loose on Lobo (and a window, by screaming) in the past two issues hasn’t made that clear.

That beat down and rage sure look pretty, though.

Yildiray Cinar has beautiful lines that Ray McCarthy inks out to bold, superheroic perfection. Kara’s inner voice about how angry she is almost sell the concept short. Cinar can capture emotion in ever feature on a face, and throws interesting body language in every panel. Kara is livid and ready to explode off of the page. The dynamic camera angles make it that much better. Sometimes you read a book about people are who are powerful and they don’t look it, not when it counts. Cinar and McCarthy cannot be accused of that.

Dan Brown’s seal the deal. There’s a lot of blue going on, but he makes it work, and for all the angst, it’s still a vibrant and superheroic looking comic. There’s something about Kara’s classic blue, red, and yellow holding up against the gloom that makes you want to hold her, because you believe she’ll pull through. Then the last page happens, and that gloom and anger creep in and overpower you.

The Verdict

This issue feels like it’s killing time to line up with an editorial calender. If you’re a Supergirl reader, it’s okay. Not the best. You’re pulling this with or without my input. If you’re jumping on for the Red Lanterns, next issue looks to be the place to start, even if the banner says otherwise.

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