Rasslin’ Roundtable – WWE Elimination Chamber 2014

Welcome to the Rasslin’ Roundtable for WWE Elimination Chamber 2014!  I am your host, Rhett Davis, and be sure to keep it tuned here tomorrow for the live updates on the PPV.  The People Power pick was determined by The Pulse Polls that was up during the week.  Now without any other delays…


Rasslin’ Roundtable

WWE Elimination Chamber 2014


Match One

WWE Elimination Chamber Kickoff Match

The Brotherhood vs. Rybaxel


Jake Ziegler: I don’t like that the Rhodes Brothers dropped the titles with so little buildup to a team as awful as the Outlaws, so hopefully they can continue their awesome run and perhaps feud with the Usos. I’d be surprised if they didn’t win here.

Winners:  The Brotherhood

Onemanfarmhand:  Brotherhood.

Winners:  Brotherhood

John Kincaid:  Yes, this match is occuring.  No, I do not care about it in the least other then to feel sad that Cody and Goldust are again relegated to the pre-show, only this time without the titles.

Winner: The Brotherhood.

Steven Berkman:  From champs to youtube match.  Rybaxel will pull this one off and some dissention will start with Cody and Goldy because that’s what WWE does.

Winners:  Rybaxel

Mike Gojira:  I don’t get the appeal of RybAxel but at least the two of them are getting significant TV time, so I guess that’s a check in the “Win” column for them.  As a kick-off match, I don’t expect much but we said the same thing about last month’s and we wound up with new Tag Team Champions.  I say RybAxel gets the upset win and we start the break-up of the Brothers Rhodes (provided they stop playing with action figures in backstage product placement skits).

Winners: RybAxel

Justin C:  So the Rhodes Brothers went from a hot feud with the McMahons, to winning the tag titles, to playing with legos backstage on RAW. And now they may not fight each other at WrestleMania. Of course, Rybaxel isn’t that great either. I’ll pick the faces to win here, even though they are in Curtis Axel’s hometown.

Winner:  Rhodes Brothers

Camden Fordyce:  Well now that it appears the Goldust-Cody W30 showdown has been squashed, maybe Rybaxel turn on each other and set up a filler feud for TV. Brotherhood wins a meaningless match.

Winner:  Brotherhood

Chris Sanders: Why?

Winner: CoDust

Rhett Davis:  Not really sure why this match is going on… Why not have Fandango and Summer Rae vs. Santino and Emma here?  At least they have history.  That being said, this seems like a forced match so there must be some reason for it.  I see Rybaxel going over to start the beginning of the end for The Brotherhood.

Winners:  Rybaxel

People Power:  With 85% of the vote, The Brotherhood wins the ‘People Power’ pick.

The Tally:  The Brotherhood – 7

Rybaxel – 3


Match Two

The Prime Time Pay-Off

Darren Young vs. Titus O’Neil


Jake Ziegler:  I read somewhere that Titus is the one in line for a push, and since he’s closer to 40 than he is to 30, it’s now or never.

Winner:  Titus O’Neil

Onemanfarmhand:  Titus O’Neil. Titus starts a fan-favorite heel run.

Winner:  Titus

John Kincaid:  A match that no one is invested in.  It’s funny, in reading Bill Simmons’s Grantland web site, their residential wrestling writer made it sound like this is the feud of the pay-per-view.  He called it a classic, compelling old school blood feud match.  Of course, I find Grantland pimps the WWE approved way of thinking in order to get regular access to various members of the company.  This had the potential to be a classic blood feud, but the WWE never gave anyone a reason to care about the Primetime Players.  They started out as heels, then seemingly turned face when Young came out.  However, they never talked about his coming out or explained the sudden change.  Then they appeared on a weekly basis to alternate between heel or face depending on who their competition was.  In that regards, they were old school: old school jobbers.  There was no lead up of dissention between them.  O’Neil never showed his growing frustration or created any sense that something was wrong between them.  This whole blood feud appears to have come about because Creative decided, “we need to do something with these guys.”  Rumor has long been WWE is big on O’Neil, and he has been given more opportunity to “shine” (although that is a relative term with his goofy/borderline minstral show uncle character), so the winner seems apparent.

Winner:  Titus O’Neil

Steven Berkman:  Young will put up a good fight but Titus will dominate in the end.  I’d like to see Titus introduce the Dominator as a second/backup finisher here.

Winner:  Titus

Mike Gojira:  This reeks of the Cryme Tyme split, where both members of the team went nowhere with their respective careers.  In a landscape with only one major title left, there aren’t any main event spots for either of these guys to pick up.  Maybe they’ll use Young as a force for good to promote his sexuality and O’Neil will be repackaged as Titus “Just Another Heel” O’Neil.

Winner: Darren Young

Justin C:  First let me say that I’m glad that there is an actual feud in the mid-card rather than just two wrestles being thrown into a match. But of course, I also fear the crowd won’t care and will start stupid chants during the match. And then later they’ll complain about no feuds in the mid-card and have no one to blame but themselves. Titus is obviously the guy the WWE sees a future in. I don’t think he is a main eventer, but his charisma alone should keep him in the upper mid-card. Titus wins here.

Winner:  Titus O’Neil

Camden Fordyce:  Titus seems to be the stronger of the two upstarts, especially on the mic. Young likely looks the best in defeat.

Winner:  Titus O’Neil

Chris Sanders: I still think Titus has the better personality that will lend himself to singles success, I’m still not sold on Darren Young. That being said, I believe Darren needs the win more than Titus to jumpstart his singles career.

Winner: Mae Young’s baby boy (not the hand).

Rhett Davis:  Gojira said it best when he compared this to Cryme Tyme.  Cade and Murdoch are another example that comes to mind of teams that truly didn’t work after their split.  Clay and Tensai are a more recent example.  Anyways, I hope Titus just dominates the entire match and comes out looking like a monster.  Best move would probably have Titus jump Darren pre-match with a weapon and then continue the match once Darren shows heart to stand up.  Titus then proceeds to beat down and clobber Darren Young.  Young looks like a brave warrior and Titus comes out looking ferocious and determined.

Winner:  Titus O’Neil

People Power:  With 70% of the vote, Titus O’Neil wins the ‘People Power’ pick.

The Tally:  Titus O’Neil – 8

Darren Young – 2


Match Three

WWE Tag Team Championship

The New Age Outlaws vs. The Usos

Jake Ziegler: The New Age Outlaws holding the titles is embarrassing to everyone involved, so please give it to the Usos here.

Winners:  The Usos

Onemanfarmhand:  Usos. Outlaws put the Usos over and start a feud.

Winners:  The Usos

John Kincaid:  Now is the time for the WWE to pull the trigger on putting the belts on the Usos.  They tried to have a nice little nostalgia trip with the Outlaws as champs which has not gone over too well.  This is due in part to that they could not decide if they wanted them faces or heels.  Also, the nostalgia has long since passed. They have made nice transition champions to allow another face team to pick up the titles.  Credit to the Usos who went from being just another tag team into someone the fans get behind.  Their moves and Us-Os chant has worked.

Winner (and new Tag Team Champions): The Usos

Steven Berkman:  The Tag Titles get passed around quite a bit and I’m eager to see these nostalgia acts off of my TV quickly, so I’ll give this to the Usos.

Winners:  The Usos

Mike Gojira:  The nostalgia of the Outlaws has worn off and their transitional title run has been made apparent.  Give Rikishi’s kids the belts they’ve earned and be done with it.

Winners and New Champions: The Usos

Justin C:  It still amazes me how much The Usos have gotten over. There time is definitely coming in the tag team division. But I don’t think it will happen at Elimination Chamber. They deserve their WrestleMania moment and should win the Titles there. I just wish the Outlaws would work a slightly faster pace in the ring. They’ve been rather boring their last few matches. The Outlaws win via some sort of shenanigans. The Usos get their rematch at Mania.

Winners: New Age Outlaws

Camden Fordyce:  Outlaws played their part as transitional champions.  Usos win gold and face the Wyatts at Mania.

Winners:  The Usos

Chris Sanders: The novelty of having an attitude era team as the champs is starting to wear off on me and would like to see Usos finally win the championship. However, I do realize the season and I highly doubt NAOs will drop the belt beforehand.

Winner: New Age Outlaws

Rhett Davis:  I’m excited as the next person for The Usos to get their due title run, but is it really time for them?  I think The Usos deserve a better hyped match to win the titles on.  I say The New Age Outlaws win this one due to either Triple H coming out and changing the rules to benefit them or the NAO doing something dastardly.  Either way, they retain and The Usos go on a long journey to finally claiming the gold at Mania.

Winner (and STILL WWE Tag Team Champions):  The Old Age Outlaws

People Power:  With 74% of the vote, The Usos win the ‘People Power’ pick.

The Tally:  The Usos – 7

The New Age Outlaws – 3


Match Four

WWE Intercontinental Championship

Big E (c) vs. Jack Swagger


Jake Ziegler: I am one of the people who sees value in Swagger, so I’m hoping the Real Americans split goes somewhere. This could be a solid match, but I’d be very surprised if Big E didn’t walk out with the title.

Winner:  Big E

Onemanfarmhand:  Big E.

Winner:  Big E

John Kincaid: It’s nice to see the Intercontinental Title defended.  Hopefully with the reduction in the number of titles and an eventual unifying of the Intercontinental and US Titles, the secondary belt will regain some of its prominence.  There is no real heat to this match as Langston has never had a beef with the Real Americans.  They tried to generate some with Coulter’s commentary on Raw, but it felt a little flat.  This could become a compelling feud, if WWE was willing to go down the path that Coulter and company do not consider Langston a “real” American due to his race.  The complexity of the storyline told of an eventual match between Cesaro and Langston, with Cesaro representing the Real Americans would be a bold move for the WWE.  It would be similar to the Triple H/Booker T Wrestlemania feud.  Only this time, hopefully the racist would not come out on top.  I am writing more about the potential feud then the actual match, because there is not much here at the moment.  It will be interesting to see Swagger not relying on Cesaro to hide his weaknesses in the ring.  The WWE is supposedly still big on Langston (no pun intended), so I do not see him dropping the belt here.

Winner (and still Intercontinental Champion): Big E. Langston

Steven Berkman:  E takes it, Zeb gets mad and slaps Swagger again and there’s your start to a break, since Cesaro is definitely slated to be running solo shortly.

Winner:  Big E

Mike Gojira:  Of all people, Swagger was my last choice for Big E’s opponent.  I think this is going to start the break-up of the Real Americans due to a strong Cesaro showing in the chamber and a failed win for Jackie Boy.

Winner: Big E

Justin C:  There’s no reason for Big E to lose the Title to Jack Swagger. He should carry the Title into WrestleMania and get a featured singles match on the show. Swagger’s time has come and gone.

Winner:  Big E

Camden Fordyce:  At 1st glance, this seems to be an E-Z Big E vic-tor-ry. But lets take a second to look at Jack Swagger. How many times has Swagger become a whipping boy only to be presented a big opportunity for no apparent reason and then cash in. Surely there’s going to be at least one swerve on the card. I’m rolling the dice on this one FOR NO APPARENT REASON.

Winner:  Jack Swagger

Chris Sanders: Not quite a slam dunk as Del Rio/Batista but the outcome still seems slightly obvious. I’m not as harsh on Swagger as I use to be but the guy might be better served if he remained in tag team matches.

Winner: Large Ettore N/A

Rhett Davis:  I’m looking forward to this match.  Big E Langston should come out looking great, but Swagger hasn’t looked bad lately.  In fact, in that #1 Contender’s fatal-4-way and the match with Kofi, he looked great.  Maybe some Cesaro is rubbing off on him?  Either way, Big E takes the belt back home after a FIVE count.  Just kidding.

Winner (and STILL WWE Intercontinental Champion):  Big E

People Power:  With 88% of the vote, Big E wins the ‘People Power’ pick.

The Tally:  Big E – 9

Jack Swagger – 1


Match Five

The New Generation Meets the Old

Alberto del Rio vs. Batista


Jake Ziegler: Yawn, Batista.

Winner:  Batista

Onemanfarmhand:  Batista, I predict del Rio either takes time off or leaves the company to explore other endeavors

Winner:  Batista

John Kincaid:  For the last three weeks, they have done everything they can to protect Batista as a face.  They confined him to run-ins and backstage segments.  However in these segments, he has displayed all the charm and heroic qualities of a d-bag.  He put del Rio through the announce table and then goes beating him up while del Rio is in a neck brace.  How does that help him win over fans?  I almost would think they are setting up Batista to turn heel to face Bryan at Wrestlemania, but I do not have the faith in them to pull the trigger on that given the outcome of the Royal Rumble.  This will be the antithesis of the Wyatt/Shield match in that again the outcome is a certainty, but this time no one cares.  Expect it to be short to avoid the fans turning hard on Batista, and to avoid him from suffering a bout of roid rage and going after the crowd.

Winner: Batista

Steven Berkman:  I’d love to be excited for this.  But I’m not.  I don’t see any logical way that Batista loses this, after damn near killing ADR just for fun on Raw.  Throwaway return for a big star.

Winner:  Batista

Mike Gojira:  Yawn.  This reminds me of that time Triple H returned to prove he was a better king than Booker T and jobbed him into TNA.  Del Rio, I don’t blame you for wanting to leave when your contract is up.

Winner: Drax the Destroyer

Justin C:  If Alberto del Rio wins, I will write a 2500+ word column on his WWE career. The WWE has given us no reason to think Del Rio will win. And they can’t even put Batista in front of a live crowd now. This could be a train wreck.

Winner:  Batista

Camden Fordyce:  Let’s see, Del Rio is leaving and Batista is in the Main Event of your next PPV.

Winner:  ANIMAL

Chris Sanders: This is about as much of a slam dunk as it gets.

Winner:  Batista

Rhett Davis:  After listening to Classy Ring Attire’s latest podcast, (plugplugplug) I realized that they were correct that the match isn’t about who wins, but rather how good will Batista look in an extended match.  After all, he is their cash cow going into WrestleMania, but he’s no Rock.  Batista wins in a match that lasts over 15 minutes, although you’ll wish it had stopped at 5.

Winner:  DAVE

People Power:  With 96% of the vote, Batista wins the ‘People Power’ pick.

The Tally:  Batista – 10

Alberto del Rio – 0


Match Six

THE Six Man Tag Team Match

The Wyatt Family vs. The Shield


Jake Ziegler: We’ve been wanting to see this for a while, and with the Shield on the cusp of breaking up I’m glad they’re finally doing it. Seems like a no-brainer that dissension in the Shield leads to a Wyatt Family victory.

Winner:  The Wyatt Family

Onemanfarmhand:  Wyatt Family (Shield dissolves)

Winner:  The Wyatt Family

John Kincaid: Here is the expected Match of the Night.  Unlike others, I am not clammoring for them to do a War Games style match between the two teams inside the Elimination Chamber.  It would have been great if the two groups had been involved in a longer feud.  As it stands, the fact we are actually getting a match between them is enough for me at this time.  The build-up has been great with the back and forth promos and the teasing stand offs in the ring.  It involves six of the more unique characters in the WWE right now, and they are all heels that receive plenty of fan praise.  I expect the Shield to be the de facto faces, but I am sure there will be plenty of heel tactics used by both sides.  Expect Rollins to play Ricky Morton.  While I feel the ending is obvious, it is still compelling to see how it plays out, which is a credit to the participants.  Wyatt victory due to some sort of Shield dissention is the obvious choice as the victory continues to build Bray Wyatt for his match against Cena and the loss for the Shield sets up a triple threat match against the Hounds of Justice.

Winner: The Shield

Steven Berkman:  There’s only two logical scenarios here:  Roman Reigns Superman Punching all their beards off for a huge win OR Dean Ambrose getting cocky and ending up costing Shield the match.  The latter makes the most sense, as it sets up more tension for the pending Shield split and gives Roman a reason to want to knock Ambrose’s head off.  My biggest worry is Seth Rollins – With no light heavyweight division does he go off and just become another Kofi, wallowing in the Limbo that is the midcard or do they intelligently plan something for him?

Winner:  The Wyatt Family

Mike Gojira:  This is the match everyone is paying to see.  Excitement for the build to this confrontation is higher than that for the chamber itself and with good reason; two dominant heel factions going at it is a rare thing in wrestling.  I expect the Shield to lose thanks to Dean Ambrose’s jealousy over Reigns and the end of the Hounds of Justice will be nigh.

Winners: The Wyatt Family

Justin C:  This is easily the best built match on the show. And really, it should be saved for WrestleMania. Unfortunately that isn’t the case. The crowd should be into the match itself and we should get some great action. Of course, The Shield appear destined for a break-up while The Wyatts aren’t. Near the end of the match, I’m sure there will be some mis-communication between Shield members that gives the Wyatts the win. Then the next night on RAW, the break-up goes full force. The Wyatts win, and Bray moves onto John Cena.

Winners:  The Wyatt Family

Camden Fordyce:  Another match that has a very predictable feel to it. The book says the Shield turn on each other setting up a triple threat at W30 and the Wyatts ride the push into a Cena-Bray Wyatt match and the Wyatts face the Usos for the belts. But let’s be clear on this. The best thing that could happen is for this match to carry over into W30. This feud is way too strong to squash after just one match. I hope Vince is reading this.  Double Disqualification is how Id book it, but Wyatts likely win it.

Winners:  The Wyatt Family

Chris Sanders: I’m expecting this to be a Roman Reigns showcase as well as the furthering the tensions within Shield which will lead to their defeat. Besides, if Bray is supposed to be facing Cena and WM30, there’s no way he’s going to lose anything between now and then.

Winner: The Wyatts

Rhett Davis:  Ugh.  I can’t wait for this match, but the way they’ve made it almost too predictable aches.  I say let The Shield win with Cena causing a distraction against Bray for some payback.  Then this match needs to spill over into Mania with Ambrose/Rollins vs. Rowan/Harper while Reigns goes on to fight Sheamus and Bray taking on Cena.  Then we can have the break-up of Shield the next night on Raw after Reigns wins but the other two don’t.  Unfortunately, WWE doesn’t shy away from the predictable very much so The Wyatts win after Ambrose tags himself in and the other two just walk away setting up the triple threat for Mania.

Winners:  The Family That Beards Together…

People Power:  With 77% of the vote, The Wyatt Family wins the ‘People Power’ pick.

The Tally:  The Wyatt Family – 9

The Shield – 1


Match Seven

WWE World Heavyweight Championship Elimination Chamber Match

Randy Orton (c) vs. Daniel Bryan vs. Sheamus vs. Cesaro vs. John Cena vs. Christian


Jake Ziegler: This is an interesting assortment of talent, but I’m most excited about Cesaro getting a shot in the main event. It’s nice to see Christian here too, but it feels like the oft-injured superstar might be near his last run. I’m really hoping they want to accrue some good will from the Internet fans the day before the WWE Network streaming-only service debuts, and that would indicate a win for Daniel Bryan. Please?

Winner:  Daniel Bryan

Onemanfarmhand:  I’ve got John Cena.

Winner:  John Cena

John Kincaid:  They have about three options with this match.  Option 1 is a victory for Orton so that he can go on to face former stablemate Batista for the WWE Title at Wrestlemania.  Option 2 is Bryan scores the victory and goes on to face Batista, who is turned heel in the lead up.  Option 3 involves some sort of shennanigans by the Authority that screws over Bryan where the end result is a triple threat match for the WWE Title of Bryan vs. Batista vs. Orton.  Cena, Sheamus, Cesaro, and Christian do not have any chance in the match.  Cena is off to face Bray Wyatt (based on the events of the Rumble).  Sheamus is there because management still feels he is there number 2 all around babyface (he is Cena II), but he only just came back from injury and did not negotiate a contract where he is just given a Wrestlemania main event.  Cesaro has been impressive in the lead up and they look to be building him for a bigger push in the future, but just not now.  And Christian?  Well, they needed a sixth man in the match.  I expect an appearnce by the Wyatts to cost Cena to get their Wrestlemania storyline going.  While I think just about everyone wants to see Option 2 (which makes the most sense from a crowd pleasing standpoint), I am afraid we are going to get Option 1 as Vince continues to delude himself about what makes a compelling storyline and what the fans truly want.  Get ready for Batista/Orton for the WWE Title with Bryan taking on Triple H at Wrestlemania.

Winner (and still WWE World Heavyweight Champion): Randy Orton

Steven Berkman:  Cesaro will have an excellent showing, with a couple of key power spots and likely 1-2 eliminations.  We’ll end up with Orton, Cena and Bryan in the end.  Bryan has to get close over and over during this match.  Ultimately, Orton will win, whether it’s just good numbers planning on his part (which isn’t how he’s been booked lately) or some shenanigans.  My bet is on shenanigans.  I have a hard time believing that WWE will change that Mania main event, because that instantly devalues their Royal Rumble.

Winner:  Randy Orton

Mike Gojira:  I expect a strong showing from Cesaro, eliminating at least Sheamus and Christian, while the Wyatts pop in to screw over Cena.  Orton or Bryan are the top contenders, what with the constant reference to Orton having never won an Elimination Chamber match and his shitty win-loss record during the chamber gauntlet.  Then again, if Bryan wins, that will guarantee the rumored triple threat match at Wrestlemania (with Orton using his rematch clause).  Hmmmm………

Winner and New Champion: Daniel Bryan

Justin C:  Right off the bat, I think you can eliminate Sheamus, Christian and John Cena. Cena because he isn’t defending the Title at Mania. Maybe after the last couple weeks Vince got a man crush on Cesaro and wants to give him the Title, but I don’t think that happens either. That leaves Daniel Bryan and Randy Orton. And if Bryan is going to win the WWE Title, it needs to happen at WrestleMania. It shouldn’t happen at the Chamber. My guess is that Bryan somehow gets screwed over by The Authority, which allows Orton to retain and pick up the win. And then we see if the WWE is actually dumb enough to go with Orton/Batista at WrestleMania.

Winner:  Randy Orton

Camden Fordyce:  OK, this seems like a predictable match. Orton has been on a losing streak and comes into the chamber as beaten champion only to find a way to win. Cena loses with a lil help of the Wyatt Family. Cesaro looks great again in defeat. The best reason Ive heard for Christian to be in this match is to get beat up before the match and someone steal his spot. No chance he wins. Bryan could win this, but feels more like this close to Mania, he should wait for the big stage to get his victory. Sheamus just got back, but heck so did the Animal. I bet against the favorite Batista last time, thinking Bryan was the Ultimate Challenger, ( and I still feel that way) but I’m not going to do it this time. The Viper finds a way to win.
Winner:  The Viper

Chris Sanders: As much as I want Daniel Bryan to go ahead and win the WWEWHC, I’m still holding out hope for DB to win at WM30. I know how much of a pipedream that is and grasping at imaginary straws and whatever other metaphors you wanna throw in. Other than DB, Randy is the only other realistic choice if we are to believe dirtsheet rumors of what the WM30 card is going to be. I would love for a Cesaro win, though.

Winner:  Randy Orton (Cesaro as my wildcard, longshot pick)

Rhett Davis:  This should be a great match with the talent involved.  Let’s break this thing down from the least to most likely to win.  Christian will either be replaced by a talent via Edge to Kofi a few years back or will just be there to take an elimination from Cesaro.  Sheamus is here as filler.  Or who knows?  He may eliminate D-Bry to set them up for a match with Sheamus joining HHH’s regime.  Don’t all applaud that option at once.  He’ll most likely get eliminated by Cesaro as well.  Cesaro has been booked strong and will probably (hopefully) continue here.  He gets a couple of eliminations before Orton eliminates him for justice from a few weeks ago.  Cena either will be eliminated due to Wyatts coming from under the ring ala HBK a few years ago or they can appear in the ring and beat down Cena.  Anyways Orton pins him.  That leaves Orton and Bryan.  I think they are the most obvious to win this thing, but I say that Bryan is eliminated by Orton after Bryan is taken out by the recently eliminated replacement for Christian (presumably Kane).  Orton wins this just narrowly to lead on to Batista/Orton at Mania.

Winner (and STILL WWE World Heavyweight Champion):  Randy Orton

People Power:  With 61% of the vote, Randy Orton takes the ‘People Power’ pick.

The Tally:  Randy Orton – 7

Daniel Bryan – 2

John Cena – 1

Sheamus – 0

Cesaro – 0

Christian – 0


Thank you for tuning in and be sure to keep it posted here at Inside Pulse Wrestling for live updates on the PPV tomorrow night!

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