Batman / Superman #8 Spoilers & Preview: Artist Jae Lee Is Back For Earth 2 Related “First Contact” Part 1 (DC Comics New 52)

Building on last month’s First Contact prelude, that had Batman capture Huntress, we delve right into Part 1 of the “First Contact” cross-over between the Batman / Superman and Worlds’ Finest DC Comics New 52 series. The preview art is amazing my returning artist Jae Lee with writer Greg Pak.

This tale uilds on the opening arc of Batman / Superman that had Prime Earth’s Batman / Superman meet their Earth 2 counterparts in the past of the New 52. The catch? The Batman / Superman of the core of prime Earth don’t remember that team-up.

Part 2 of First Contact also ships this week in Worlds’ Finest #20 (spoilery preview here).

SPOILERS for the Batman / Superman #8 preview follow.

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