Fantastic Four #1 Spoilers & Preview: Writer James Robinson’s Red & Black Costumes Plus 7 Variant Covers (All-New Marvel Now)

Writer James Robinson has left DC Comics to do two books for All-New Marvel Now. The first is the All-New Invaders, whose debut issue had some interesting spoilers, and continues to intrigue me. The next is a brand new red and black costumed Fantastic Four. The new book’s new #1 issue ships this week and, while it may be a good issue, I wonder if it is another example of Marvel’s All-New Marvel Now branding-over-story problem.

SPOILERS from Fantastic Four #1 preview via CBR follow.

Seven covers for this debut issue.

Whew. With all that out-of-the-way, here are the four measly interior preview pages to All-New Marvel Now’s Fantastic Four #1.

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Source: CBR