Toy Fair 2014 Awards: Best Action Figure

Welcome to Day One of the Toy Fair 2014 Awards! We kick the Awards off with Best Action Figure!

This is not an easy Award to give out, especially since we are unable to pick up the figures to get a sense of play-ability & articulation. However there were a good amount of figures we could have gone with. The ECW Flashback CM Punk, Guardians of the Galaxy Groot, Capo Toys’ new Street Fighter Ryu, and Super Mario from SH Figuarts all made our short list. However they all fell short to the DC Collectibles Batman from The New Adventures of Batman animated series!

With literally hundreds of action figures, one would think that we’ve seen it all with Batman. DC Collectibles proves that wrong time and time again, but they have even out done themselves this time! This figure, the first 6″ figure based on the Bruce Timm animated universe, features 24 points of articulation, more than any animated Batman figure ever made. It will include accessories, although none were confirmed, batarangs are a given at this point.

DC Collectibles has huge plans with this line, with Two-Face & Mr Freeze, also from The New Adventures, and Catwoman, from 1992 Batman: The Animated Series rounding out the first series, and a second series already in the planning stages.






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