Batman / Superman #8 Spoilers: “First Contact” Part 1 With Huntress / Power Girl Ends With A BANG?! (DC Comics New 52 In Review)

In last month’s Worlds’ Finest #19 First Contact prelude Batman foiled and captured a Batcave prowling Huntress. The “First Contact” storyline will cross-over between the DC Comics New 52 series Batman / Superman and the Huntress / Power Girl centric Worlds’ Finest.

The free spoilery preview of Batman / Superman #8 sets the stage for the First Contact Part 1. It continues in Worlds’ Finest #20 with that book’s spoilers here and its preview here.

SPOILERS for the Batman / Superman #8 follow.

The issue opens with Batman confirming Huntress’ identity and Superman encountering his Earth 2 “cousin” Power Girl. They are interesting exchanges between the two heroes and their Earth 2 “relatives”.

Through the issue Batman and Huntress learn what’s wrong with Power Girl. She had been made into a ticking bomb! Superman to the rescue or can Power Girl’s detonation harm him too?

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