Fantastic Four #1 Spoilers: How Does Writer James Robinson Shake Up The Status Quo? (All-New Marvel Now In Review)

In addition to the All-New Invaders, and some compelling debut issue teases, writer James Robinson is also working on a new Fantastic Four series under the All-New Marvel Now banner. While I am a HUGE James Robinson fan, I can’t help, but think this unnecessary new #1 for Fantastic Four is another example of All-New Marvel Now ad execs trumping the creative.

That said, Fantastic Four #1 was a decent read with great art by Leonard Kirk.

SPOILERS from Fantastic Four #1 follow.

Interestingly, the Fantastic Four #1’s spoilery free preview actually reveals the new FF narrative mid-way, as the book actually opens with a jarring yet compelling new status quo for the Fantastic Four’s Invisible Girl Woman, Mister Fantastic, the Thing and the Human Torch. I’m curious how they got in these new spots in their lives including why the classic blue and white FF uniforms are now the exact opposite in red and black threads.

Plus, the seven covers for Fantastic Four #1 are below.

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