Ring of Honor Wrestling #127: Road Rage (Kevin Steen, Kyle O’Reilly)

David L. Lawrence Convention Center – Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania – February 22, 2014

We open with a recap of last week, when Chris Hero earned a shot at the ROH World Title by pinning Adam Cole in an elimination tag team match.

Kevin Kelly, Steve Corino, and Roderick Strong are on commentary.

MATCH #1: Andrew Everett vs. Cedric Alexander

The Code of Honor is followed and the chain wrestling begins. They both show off their agility with some impressive albeit choreographed looking spots. Everett sends Alexander to the floor and tries a dive but Alexander avoids it. Alexander dropkicks Everett off the apron and follows him to the floor to deliver some chops. Time for a commercial break.

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We come back and Alexander is keeping Everett grounded. Everett tries fighting back with a series of kicks but Alexander cuts him off with a hard enziguiri. Moments later Everett is able to dropkick Alexander to the floor, and he follows him out with a springboard shooting star press! Back in the ring Everett hits a missile dropkick and then spikes Alexander on his head with a hurricanrana for a near-fall. Everett tries another rana but Alexander catches him and hits a modified Flatliner for two. Alexander follows with an IED for another two-count. Up to the top rope and Everett drops Alexander on his face. Everett tries to follow up with a 630 but Alexander gets his knees up. Alexander hits a pop-up backbreaker a la Roderick Strong to get the pin.

WINNER – Cedric Alexander

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Upcoming ROH Live Events include February 8 in San Antonio, February 21 and 22 in Philadelphia, March 7 in Milwaukee, March 8 in Chicago Ridge, March 22 in Dayton, and April 4 and 5 in New Orleans. Visit ROH Wrestling Dot Com for more details.

Before the main event, they show a recap of the dissolution of the House of Truth and the death of Hoopla. That all led to Tommaso Ciampa successfully defending the ROH World TV Title against Matt Taven and Jay Lethal in a triple threat match two weeks ago.

MATCH #2: Kevin Steen vs. Kyle O’Reilly

O’Reilly is one half of the ROH World Tag Team Champions. But before the main event can begin, they show a recap of Hanson winning the Top Prospect Tournament with a victory over Raymond Rowe. That means he gets a TV Title shot against Tommaso Ciampa next week.

They start with some chain wrestling and Steen actually takes the early advantage and scores a series of near-falls. Steen then bars the arm. He sends O’Reilly to the floor and follows him out for fun. Back in the ring Steen is dominating and we take a commercial break.

Did you know that AJ Styles is back in Ring of Honor? Next week he faces Jay Lethal.

When we come back Steen is still in control. O’Reilly fights back and goes after the arm. Steen comes flying out of the corner with a hard clothesline and both men are down. Back on their feet they quickly take it to the floor, where O’Reilly is able to shove Steen shoulder-first into the ring post. O’Reilly follows with the missile dropkick off the apron but Steen gets a boot into his midsection. Steen then powerbombs O’Reilly on the apron. Back in the ring Steen hits the Swanton Bomb for two. A series of reversals ends with Steen hitting the Cannonball for a near-fall. More reversals lead to O’Reilly locking on the Cross Armbreaker and Steen has to get the ropes. A knockout kick gets O’Reilly a two-count. They fight on the top rope and Steen is able to bring O’Reilly down with a Fisherman Buster for two. Time for another commercial break.

When we come back Steen goes for the Package Piledriver but O’Reilly counters to the Cross Armbreaker! Once again Steen gets to the ropes. Steen fights up and hits a powerbomb and the Package Piledriver. O’Reilly gets his foot on the bottom rope. Cliff Compton is here to distract Steen, which allows O’Reilly to hit the missile dropkick off the apron. Back in the ring O’Reilly hits a Back Drop Driver for two and puts the Cross Armbreaker on again. Steen somehow turns that into a Sharpshooter and O’Reilly taps out.

WINNER – Kevin Steen

Cliff Compton hangs around and gets into a brawl with Steen. Security tries to break it up but they get tossed around. Compton gets the upper hand and puts Steen on a table, and busts the table with a splash from the top rope. End scene.

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