Toy Fair 2014 Awards: Best New Toyline

The next award to be given out this year is the Best New Toyline! Every year, some new lines are announced, and this year did not disappoint! NECA debuted their Planet of the Apes, Mezco had Sons of Anarchy, & Mattel surprised us with the Super Powers MattyCollector line. However this year belongs to a new toy company, and a line that resurgences every few years…Street Fighter from Capo Toys!

We here at Inside Pulse Figures love Street Fighter, and we were a huge fan of the SOTA line a few years ago. So, when we heard about Capo’s new line, we were a big skeptical…I mean, how can you improve on SOTA! Well, Capo wowed us with the first 5 Street Fighter figures! Sagat, Ryu, Blanka, Chun-Li & Guile round out an All-Star first assortment. The first line will also feature some cloth outfits, like Ryu’s gi & Sagat’s shorts. To top it all off, Capo revealed that they already have the first 5 assortments cleared by Capcom…and on a personal note, they assured me that they know that DeeJay needs an action figure (but did not confirm he was planned). It’s pretty safe to say that Capo is ready to hang it’s hat on this line!







Head over to the Capo Toys Street Fighter gallery and make sure you are following them on Twitter @CapoToys for their updates!

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