Worlds’ Finest #20 Spoilers: “First Contact” Part 2 Unleashes A Grave Threat Caused By Power Girl & Superman? (DC Comics New 52 In Review)

Batman ensnared the Huntress in Worlds’ Finest #19 last month’s First Contact prelude. This week, we had Part 1 of “First Contact” in Batman / Superman #8; its spoilery preview was a great summary of how we got to here and what we know about Earth 2’s Superman and Batman. This cross-over will move between both DC Comics New 52 series titles.

SPOILERS for Worlds’ Finest #20 follow.

This week’s First Contact Part 2 in Batman / Superman #8 ends in a literal bang that threatens our heroes. It continues into Worlds’ Finest #20 whose free spoilery preview directly flows from the Batman/Superman cliffhanger.

From there, in Worlds’ Finest #20 we see an interesting dynamic between Batman and Power Girl plus the reveal of the villain that sabotaged PG’s powers. He’s presumably Prime Earth’s counterpart to an ex-boyfriend of Power Girl’s from Earth 2.

He appears to be duping her to get a more usable sample of Power Girl’s DNA for a nefarious purpose.

Looks like an army of clones or somesuch with Kryptonian DNA, Earth 2’s it seems, is ready to wreak havoc on the DC Comics New 52. That leaves Batman to wonder where on Earth is Superman? We need all the big guns to solve this threat.

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