Toy Fair 2014 Awards: Best Playset

Welcome back to the Toy Fair 2014 Awards! This time around, we are talking playsets! Playsets are few & far between these days. TMNT had a very cook playset with the Sewer Lair a few years ago, and MOTU had their Castle Grayskull last year, but there not many others that really catch the eye of any of us collectors. However, this year, Wicked Cool Toys has filled a glaring hole in many WWE collector’s eyes, the Authentic Scale Ring!

This ring playset takes the place of Mattel’s Elite Scale Ring that saw the light of day in late 2010. The price tag was high, and it seems as it did not sell too well, and Mattel dumped the product to buy out chains, like Big Lots. Many collectors who missed out in the short window the item was offered are still clamoring for one, and they have even reached over $200 on the second hand market. Enter Wicked Cool Toys, who has a suitable replacement. Complete with a cloth mat, rubber turnbuckle pads, and the official WWE ringskirt, this will be an item that no WWE action figure fan should pass up!


Click Here for the Wicked Cool Toys WWE Gallery!

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