All-Star Western #28 Spoilers: How Much Of A Factor Will Time Anomaly Jonah Hex Be For The New 52: Futures End? (DC Comics In Review)

Jonah Hex was identified as one of the Top 10 time anomalies currently in the DC Comics New 52 and a prime candidate for the time-bending weekly series: The New 52 Futures End; a year-long weekly series seemingly set-up by the Forever Evil #7 finale. All-Star Western #28 changes things for Hex in a significant personal way and also dramatically impacts his destiny.

SPOILERS follow for All Star Western #28.

Jonah Hex is stuck in 2014 all because of the time traveling Booster Gold who has mysteriously disappeared. This had led to some interesting modern day hijinks for Hex. He bested Alan Moore’s cosmic orchid the Black Mercy – who even gave Superman trouble back in the 1980’s tale “For The Man Who Has Everything“.

Issue #26 was a high octane issue that ended with Hex being confronted by Superman.

While issue #27 opened with Superman and Hex in an unusual, yet hilarious spot, the book ended more deadly. Jonah Hex was in a gruesome motorcycle accident and issue #28 opens with him in the hospital.

First, the deeply personal change for Jonah Hex as revealed on the book’s cover and elaborated on in the issue.

The surgeons not only deal with Hex’s motorcycle injuries, but they also – without his context – cosmetically repair his facial scar and fix his scarred eye so that its as good as new!

Second, is the more profound change in Jonah Hex’s modern day status quo because… Booster Gold is back!

Booster Gold comes back to fix what he wrought; he sends Jonah Hex and his 2014 girlfriend back to Hex’s past. And, in true Booster Gold fashion, leaves Hex in one pickle of a mess to end the issue.

So, it would seem, that Hex is a time anomaly no more and back in his era. No Futures End for him?

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