Toy Fair 2014 Awards: Best Toyline

In our final award of this years Toy Fair Awards, we have Best Toyline. What line is the most anticipated? What line ‘wowed’ us most? Can TMNT repeat? All questions we pondered while looking over this year’s lines. Guardians of the Galaxy has us in a tizzy, Transformers 4 toys look like the best run of movie toys from them, and the new 1990 Movie TMNT Classics look amazing! But this year, a new comer to action figures takes the cake, Funko!

Funko’s Game of Thrones was the most impressive set of action figures we saw all week at Toy Fair! But, what really gets us, is that the diverse characters already being produced by the company, ensuring a longer lasting run. When you think Game of Thrones figures, The Hound, Brienne of Tarth, and a White Walker are not exactly the first that come to mind, yet are wanted characters in plastic! all figures have a super-articulated sculpt being used, that can be compared to Hasbro’s Marvel Legends & Star Wars: The Black Series. Put that all in an impressive looking packaging, and we have the Best Toyline of Toy Fair 2014!


Daenerys Targaryen

Jon Snow

Ned Stark

The Hound

Tyrion Lannister

White Walker

Game of Thrones Series 2 Group

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