RAGER’S 10 Thoughts: WWE Raw 3.3.14 (Daniel Bryan, Wyatt Family, The Shield)

I apologize my 10 Thoughts are so late, I got about 3 thoughts completed after Raw when my eyes went blurry and got a massive headache. This is what happens when you try to give up sodas cold turkey. But nevertheless, he’s my 10 Thoughts!

1. There really was no way WWE was maneuver their way around the Chicago crowd (they did not disappoint) and I think facing it head-on at the top of the show really was the best strategy. They just allowed Paul Heyman to work his magic to find a way to steer the crowd into reacting what he wanted them to react to. Also, Brock’s brief mic work tonight might have been the best speaking moment of his career. Brock also did a decent impersonation of Heyman saying his name. (Side note: Lesnar accidentally pegged a fan with a monitor)

2. Usos winning the Tag championship truly feels overdue, especially when you think of how they were one of the few actual tag teams back a few years ago when it was just them and The Colons. It was a great moment and interesting way to get the crowd actually interested in something that has nothing to do with Punk.

3. I do like the Zeb story of trying hard to keep Real Americans together and it makes way more sense than the usual tag team breakup the instance one single thing happens. Although it seems odd that they did both matches again Big E in the same night when they very well could’ve done so on Smackdown. They could’ve cut the second match that way they wouldn’t have ended at almost 11:20pm.

4. It’s Shield vs Wyatts II, what else would you expect? It was great even if they teased Shield breaking up. However it started with Seth Rollins, they guy I really didn’t expect to be the one to start it. I believe he was yelling that he’s tired of being the glue that holds them together and I do like that reasoning. The only person I haven’t been crazy about in their two matches is Rowan, he just doesn’t do much for me. That’s the only downside in all of this. But how much more can I wax lyrical about this matchup? It’s one of the few times where the matches were hyped to high heaven and actually lived up to it. With all the complaining going on with WWE’s product, at least we have this.

5. I’m sorry, friends. I’m trying to keep an open mind about Emma, I swear, but this just isn’t working for me at all. Maybe I’m simply not the demographic they’re aiming it with this.

6. It’s no secret that I’m not the biggest Christian fan, especially in recent times and I’ve joined the anti-Sheamus club a while back but I kinda feel bad for this match because they simply had no chance with this Chicago crowd. It also doesn’t help that it already feels like these two have been feuding for 3 months.

7. Shouldn’t Bryan being forced away from the ring happen at the end of the show? You know, before his scheduled match? This is the segment where I truly became impressed with the Chicago crowd. They did their best to drown out The Authority every time they spoke and then went completely silent to listen to Daniel Bryan. I mean, they were technically still doing exactly what WWE wants them to do (boo the heels, respect the faces) but hot damn, it was impressive. Also, that ending was just shenanigans galore and it seems like Bryan vs HHH at WM30 is gonna happen.

8. Anytime the commentators acknowledge anything the IWC came up with on message boards or reddit, it instantly becomes a uncool. It happened with Fandangoing, Boo-tista and now “Hijacking Raw.” The only exception that is still going strong is Yes, that’s not going away anytime soon.

9. Yeah, that pop was definitely not for Aaron Paul. It’s refreshing to get a reminder every now and then that Ziggler hasn’t been completely forgetting about. Sure, he may not be where we want him to be but at least he hasn’t gone full Ryder.

10. This feels kinda wrong to say on the internet but I’m actually kinda digging Cena vs Bray. It’s what “Embrace the Hate” was suppose to feel like if Kane was a promo-mastermind like Bray.

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