Forever Evil #6 Spoilers: Nightwing’s Fate, Crime Syndicate’s Earth 3 Hooded Prisoner’s Surprise Identity Twist & More (DC Comics New 52 In Review)

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Leaping directly from the last interior page from the free preview of Forever Evil #6, comes the answer to TWO big mysteries in the series:

That leaves a few other mysteries to be resolved in next month’s finale in Forever Evil #7.

With that out of the way, I know what you want!

Spoilers follow for Forever Evil #6.

Dick Grayson a.k.a. Nightwing is trapped in an ominous contraption

The Murder Machine! It first appeared as part of Jack Kirby’s classic Fourth World opus in Mister Miracle #5. This new Murder Machine still from Apokolips appears to work differently than its 1970’s incarnation. No matter what Batman does, he can’t diffuse or solve it.

Despite now being teammates, Lex Luthor appears to have a plan that would save the Injustice League and Batman at the expense of Dick Grayson’s life?

Plus, another Crime Syndicate member dies. The Outsider follows last month’s death of Power Ring.

And, we get our first look at the man underneath the hood. The Crime Syndicate’s Earth 3 prisoner is revealed!

From there, the ticking clock to Nightwing’s ultimate fate and the action-packed reveal of just who the Hooded Prisoner and why he is so dangerous to the Crime Syndicate is revealed.

Based on Lex Luthor’s comments to Batman, who is beating on him thinking Dick Grayson / Nightwing has died, that seems to have been part of his plan. Lex may still be able to save Grayson. What impact the lightning had on all this remains to be seen.

And, another Crime Syndicate member is maimed and killed. R.I.P. Johnny Quick.

Interesting that Alexander Luthor is the Shazam doppelgänger from Earth ecalled Mazahs. I’m curious as to how this plays out next issue. Is Alexander Luthor crazy and a threat to everyone or just to the Crime Syndicate?

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