THE RAGER! Wrestlemania 30: The Rest of the Card (Shield, Big E, The Usos)

So we’re about 30 days away from Wrestlemania 30 and the top of the card is taking shape. So far, the matches being officially listed as of right now is the championship match of Randy Orton vs Batista and Undertaker vs Brock Lesnar. That’s 3 part-timers in 2 matches which frees up the rest of the card for more full-time members of the roster. That leaves roughly 7 or more matches to fill the rest of the card. What will the rest of the card look like? Let’s take some wild guesses, shall we?

Daniel Bryan vs HHH:
This match is pretty much a lock barring any new developments or other factors. That also takes care of HHH, the last of the part-timers getting involved this year (that we know of). The only change I can see being made is, by some miracle, WWE comes to their senses and add DB to the championship match. It makes sense considering that the match now stands as a heel vs heel match that will leave their show ending with boos, which will just be a repeat of the end of last year’s Wrestlemania, something I’m hoping WWE doesn’t want. Of course the easiest solution to that would be to end the show with Taker vs Brock because there’s no way Brock is gonna break the streak. And if DB does get moved, what will that mean for HHH? Easy answer is Big Show because WWE is going to find a reason to put him on the show and I’d rather stick him in a match that I don’t care about and is far away from the championship scene.

John Cena vs Bray Wyatt:
Another lock for the card even though I really would much rather see Wyatts vs Shield III in a cell instead but obviously the Shield split is beginning and besides, I’m really digging this so far. As I stated in 10 Thoughts yesterday, this really feels like what “Embrace the Hate” should’ve been if Kane was a promo mastermind like Bray is. This elevates a rising monster while at the same time keeping Cena on the card and doing something actually interesting rather than being thrown into the highest profile match.

Something with the Shield:
With Seth bailing on his Shieldmates this past Raw, the end of the Shield seems uber nigh. With Seth naturally being the glue that’s been holding this team together, it’s completely logical that they now fall apart. I think this was a smart way to set up a triple threat match at WM30 but apparently that’s an indicator that a triple threat championship match won’t happen. Regardless of the indicators, I highly endorse this match because there’s no way Shield goes out with a whimper. I understand this means the death of something we’ve all cherished dearly for over a year but we all knew the end was coming, might as well make it bad ass.

Tag titles:
The tag division has enjoyed a resurgence over the past year and a half so it makes sense that the title is defended at WM30. Usos are your recently crowned champs and New Age Outlaws have postponed their rematch so why not postpone it to the big show? Perhaps add some names to the match like CoDust. However, with WWE’s fear of multiple things in threes, we might need to add a fourth tag team. I may hate it but I’d rather see Curtis Axel and Ryback instead of Los Matadores.

Mid-Card Belts:
Of course, the US Championship’s involvement depends on what WWE decides to do with Shield but I really would love for WWE to actually do a title unification/double title ladder match that they were apparently considering last year. I mean, WWE made that nifty double-title holder for TLC, might as well use it again, right?
There should be a ladder match for the Intercontinental Championship, at the very least, especially if WWE is gonna stick with Money in the Bank having it’s own pay per view. Also, it serves as the match that puts a larger number of people on the show. I’m thinking Big E, Cesaro, Jack Swagger (instead of having a Real American break-up match), Miz, Dolph Ziggler, Kofi Kingston, Christian and Sheamus (because we don’t need to see them face each other again).

Divas Championship:
AJ has been running through the Total Divas cast for months now so I’m guessing that’ll come to an end at some point to give the show some sort of high point. Obviously, if AJ were to lose her championship to anybody, I’d hope it would be Natalya or maybe even Brie or Naomi. Anybody else would be a joke…not saying the Divas division is all that serious to begin with.

The Nothing Match:
Fandango and Summer Rae vs Santino and Emma. You always need a light nothing match to kinda mix things up a bit. Besides, you know there will be a moment where Hulk comes out to fix some sort of shady shenanigans. Fandango hits a cheap shot and then the top rope leg drop for the pin. Hulk’s music hits, points a finger, slam and leg drop. Might as well happen.

Kick-off Match:
Either a big battle royal or Alberto Del Rio vs Sin Cara because it’s happened on every other show, might as well do it one more time at Wrestlemania before Del Rio rides off in the sunset.

So THE RAGER’s month-early card looks like:

WWEWHC match: Randy Orton vs Batista (vs Daniel Bryan, possibly)
Undertaker vs Brock Lesnar
HHH vs Daniel Bryan (or Big Show if above happens)
John Cena vs Bray Wyatt
Roman Reigns vs Seth Rollins vs Dean Ambrose (possibly for the US Championship)
Tag Team Championship 4-Way: Usos vs NAOs vs CoDust vs CurBack
IC Ladder Match: Big E vs Cesaro vs Jack Swagger vs Miz vs Kofi Kingston vs Dolph Ziggler vs Christian vs Sheamus
DC Match: AJ vs Natalya
Fandango & Summer Rae vs Santino & Emma
Kickoff: Battle Royal (seems most likely)

That’s 9 matches with a kickoff, seems pretty reasonable to me. Thoughts? What does your card look like thus far?

Don’t do anything I wouldn’t do twice,

The Answer: Thomas the Dank Engine

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