DC Collectibles March Post Toy Fair Q&A

DC Collectibles posted a brand new Q&A on the heels of Toy Fair!

If you release a character from The New Batman Adventures Animated Series, does that mean you won’t be releasing the Batman: The Animated Series version of the character?

This question came up quite a bit internally before we announced the line. We debated the character designs from each series, but decided they were all so cool, we had to do both! The good news is that the answer to your question is no—releasing an action figure from one series doesn’t mean we won’t release the same character from the other series. The bad news is that we can’t give anything away yet with regards to which unannounced characters we have in the pipeline, but our hope is to create as many characters as we can from both great shows!

At one point you guys asked us to send you photos of our collections. Don’t see a mechanism here for doing that…

We are very much looking forward to seeing everyone’s collections! The mechanism to do that is currently being built, and we hope to roll that out very soon. We’ll keep you posted… and in the meantime get your photos ready!

Why is Copperhead in the 3-pack? I do not want the other two figures. I already have Deathstroke and the Joker.

Copperhead is a character we were very interested in making into an action figure. However, we were not sure that the demand would be high enough to justify producing her as a solo figure. By pairing Copperhead with cool variants of highly demanded figures, we’re able to bring her to stores and hopefully to your collections.

Even though it’s not as popular, it would be cool to see more Justice League Dark product…

Madame Xanadu predicts: “With a Constantine TV show in the works and the book continuing to deliver great stories, it’s in the cards for DC Collectibles to roll out some products!”

Where can I buy the Scribblenauts figures, both domestically and internationally?

The Scribblenauts figures can be purchased at either your local comic shop, online retailer or your local GameStop. You can also purchase them on shopdccollectibles.com. For our international collectors, Scribblenauts can be found at your local comic shop!

Why are you already rereleasing the Batman Black and White: Harley Quinn by Bruce Timm Statue?

Good question. We normally don’t reissue a statue that quickly, but collector demand for this statue exceeded our wildest expectations! When the first numbered run reached its limit, to satisfy the huge demand, we decided to reissue an unnumbered second edition that features a slightly different deco and the standard reverse base that we use when reissuing the Batman Black and White statues.

Why does the Batman: Arkham City Clayface Deluxe action figure have icicles on his back and why is he so muscular in his upper body. He looks nothing like the game.

We made some choices that may not have resonated with everyone on this massive figure.

The ice damage was for two reasons: it reflects how he is defeated in the game and it was our attempt to give this figure a little more visual interest (otherwise, we’re talking about what amounts to a gigantic plain brown lump of a figure). It’s also why he has the semi-morphing Joker head, along with the Clayface head that fits over it and other cool features.

That leads me to the second half of the question. We tried to accomplish more of a structure in Clayface’s torso, again to try to not produce what we felt would be a big, giant soft-looking figure. While it’s cool in the game, we weren’t sure it would work as a figure. If you look at the reference there is some evidence of an underlying musculature, but we may have taken it to the extreme.

That being said, it’s a mighty impressive piece to add to any collection!

When will the people that live outside of the US be able to compete in your 50,000 likes sweepstakes?

Well, that one is finished, but we are currently researching and working towards launching an international sweepstakes. Stay tuned!

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