Ring of Honor Wrestling #129: Road Rage (Adam Cole, Chris Hero)

Pennsylvania National Guard Armory – Philadelphia, Pennsylvania – March 8, 2014

You know, it’s probably time to take guys like Davey Richards, Eddie Edwards, Mike Mondo, RHINO, and Rhett Titus out of the opening video package.

Kevin Kelly and Steve Corino are on commentary.

MATCH #1: Silas Young vs. Matt Taven

These two both have something to prove, and they wrestle as such in the early going. Taven gets distracted when Truth Martini makes his way out to ringside, but he’s still able to connect on a high cross body block off the top rope for a two-count. He tries a sunset flip but Young blocks it and goes to work, and we go to commercial.

When we come back Young has Taven on the mat and is wearing him down. Young sets Taven on the top rope and blasts him with a clothesline that sends him to the floor. The resilient Taven comes back with an enziguiri. Taven follows up with a flurry of offense, culminating in a superkick and a quebrada for two. Young cuts him off with a jawbreaker. A series of reversals ends with Young hitting a hard short-arm clothesline. Young hits the Finlay Roll and goes for the Peejee Waja Plunge but Taven avoids it. Taven hits a rolling boot to the face and follows with the Frog Splash to get the pin.

WINNER – Matt Taven

After the match Taven tries to give Young props but he gets attacked for it. Young puts the boots to Taven as Truth gets in the ring and cheerleads. Truth offers a handshake but Young just walks out.

Back on February 8, Hanson defeated Raymond Rowe to win the Top Prospect Tournament and earn a shot at the ROH World TV Title, which he will receive tonight!

MATCH #2: ROH World TV Championship Match – Tommaso Ciampa vs. Matt Taven

Ciampa has been the Champion since 12.14.13, and this is his third defense. These two bulls tear right into each other and slug away. Ciampa takes an early advantasge and back suplexes Hanson to the floor. He tries to follow with a dive and mostly hits it. Ciampa sets Hanson in a chair and delivers a running knee to the face. Back in the ring Hanson is able to grab Ciampa with a powerslam for two. Ciampa comes back with an Air Raid Crash for two. Hanson responds with a huge clothesline for a near-fall. Ciampa strikes with a hard knee to the face for two. Hanson slugs Ciampa down in the corner and hits modified cannonball. He goes up top and hits a moonsault for two. Ciampa is able to roll that cover into the Sicilian Stretch, which Hanson powers out of. Hanson delivers the Spin Kick but Ciampa goes under the bottom rope to avoid being covered. Ciampa strikes with a knee from the apron and goes up top. He’s able to slip to the mat and bring Hanson down with Project Ciampa to get the pin.

WINNER – Tommaso Ciampa

Jay Briscoe is backstage to cut a promo reminding everyone that he pinned the ROH World Champion Adam Cole at State of the Art in San Antonio a few weeks ago. Jay continues to claim that he is the real Champion.

Next week, Jay Lethal will face his old rival Tommaso Ciampa for the ROH World TV Title, Lethal promises to regain the belt.

MATCH #3: ROH World Championship Match – Adam Cole vs. Chris Hero

Cole has been the Champion since 9.20.13, and this is his fifth defense. Hero controls the early part of the match, thwarting all of Cole’s attempts at offense. Cole takes a powder to regroup and get his bearings back. Hero gets tired of waiting so he goes to the floor to continue his onslaught. Back in the ring Cole tries to bail again but Hero kicks him off the apron just for fun. Cole is able to connect with the enziguiri from the floor to finally take control. The Champion is in the zone now, wearing Hero down and keeping him on the mat, where he won’t be able to connect with any strikes. Time to take a commercial break.

When we come back Cole is still in control and is making his irritation with the fans known. Hero is able to hit a release vertical suplex and both men are down. Back on their feet it’s Hero on the attack. Her knocks Cole to the floor. Back in the ring Hero hits a rolling elbow for two. Hero continues to pour it on, but Cole won’t surrender his title just yet. Cole comes back with a Rope-hung Piledriver but it only gets two. The Champ gets cocky and talks trash, and Hero hits a devastating elbow strike for two. Hero hits the Death Blow, but he knocked Cole to the floor so he can’t cover. He goes out to retrieve the Champion, but Cole connects with a release German Suplex. Back in the ring Cole hits the vertical suplex for a near-fall. Referee Todd Sinclair gets bumped, and therefore doesn’t see Cole tapping out to Hero’s submission hold. Cole recovers and hits a superkick and the Florida Key but only gets two. He hangs on and hits two more Florida Keys to get the pin and retain the title.

WINNER – Adam Cole

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