Justice League 3000 #4 Spoilers: Origin Revealed! They’re More Horrific Than Clones? (DC Comics New 52 In Review)

Last month, the Justice League 3000 were trapped on a prison planet. The issue before that the team lost Barry Allen, the Flash, at the hands of the all-powerful villainess Locus. All that said, this month in Justice League 3000 #4 we finally learn who the Justice League 3000 really after all after their spoilery debut issue.

However, we still have yet to learn how the Justice League 3000 will play into The New 52: Futures End, considering that JL3K is one of the Top 10 time anomalies of the DC Comics New 52.

SPOILERS follow for Justice League 3000 #4.

We finally learn the horrible truth behind the dark origins of the Justice League 3000. They’re not clones.

They’re human hosts who have had the respective Justice League members grafted onto them? Did the human volunteer or were the murdered? The Justice League 3000 personas and DNA overwrite the host’s DNA.

After seemingly dying painfully in Justice League 3000 #2, the Flash is, um, regrown and is joined by Firestorm 3000 in the battle against Locus who has already dispatched Green Lantern.

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