Captain America: The Winter Soldier Watch The First 10 Minutes!

Captain America: The Winter Soldier recently had its Hollywood premiere and the buzz continues to be positive. The feature marks the third time Chris Evans has donned the mask and shield as the eponymous hero. Early word is that this may very well trump some of the standalone films of the first phase of Marvel’s Cinematic Universe.

Having watched the first ten minutes, I love the crack-wise between Black Widow and Cap, plus the introduction of the man who would become Falcon, Sam Wilson (Anthony Mackie). When it switches gears to having Cap and members of Shield infiltrate a hijacked ship, I sort of got a vibe similar to the opening gameplay sequence of Hideo Kojima’s Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty, as both have a tactical espionage edge to getting aboard and around corridors without setting off alarms.

If you are at all on the fence about seeing Captain America: The Winter Soldier when it opens in theaters on April 1st, 2014, do yourself a favor and watch the first ten minutes. If that doesn’t leave you wanting to see more, then you must be a DC Comics fan (kidding).

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