Forever Heel: Chris Benoit’s Achievements Don’t Matter Because He Murdered His Family

I’m not sure how many of you have heard the argument that Chris Benoit should be in the WWE Hall of Fame because he was a great wrestler. Dave Meltzer felt that way and even went out of his way to keep Benoit in his rag mag’s hall of fame. Teenage boys think he’s the best wrestler ever, but that is maybe because they’ve read too many old school IWC articles from the last ten years? Most wrestling fans can’t tell a good match from a bad one, and can’t measure the skill of a wrestler. Charisma, background (even kayfabe origins), and character are what fans use to measure a wrestler usually. Benoit was skilled worker and even though he wasn’t the best promo guy, he still was a interesting character. It was similar to Bret Hart. Bret played the injured stoic veteran very well. Benoit was similar. He wasn’t the spunky little guy, like Daniel Bryan. Benoit didn’t care if you thought he was a vanilla midget, he just went out and let his skills and charisma speak for him. That’s a problem to the fans that loved him, because we all thought he could do no wrong. When we named Benoit as one of the top 10 wrestlers year after year, we never thought he’d one day kill his family.

What Benoit did was wrong. He wasn’t sick enough to not know right from wrong. He wasn’t killed by Kevin Sullivan, and a Satanic Cult. Everything at the crime scene adds up to the conclusion that Chris killed his family in cold blood. I trust trained investigators more than I trust some fat fan boy with a bunch of unproven rumors, because he can’t handle the fact that his hero was a child murderer. The police don’t have the resources to investigate batshit theories. This happens a lot with families of deceased drug addicts and family of suicide victims. Here in L.A there are still people who demand police investigate the cold-blooded murder of Michael Jackson and Whitney Houston. Most Americans are too stupid to understand that not every death is committed by a secret cabal of Illuminati ninjas and Black Ops CIA agents. That those kinds of murders are impossible to pull off.  Sometimes people are irresponsible and they do rotten shit that kills them and those around them. Benoit is one of those people.

Chavo’s Phone Calls:  The Benoit conspiracy starts with Chavo’s calls with Benoit. From what I looked at, Chavo’s only worry was that Benoit sounded groggy over the phone. That’s probably true since Benoit stated on the phone that he had overslept, and would be taking a later flight, but Benoit also said both Nancy and Daniel were sick. There is nothing about the Benoit/Chavo phone calls that point to Chavo hearing a struggle over the phone. It doesn’t matter if Benoit used his or Nancy’s phone to put out later text messages. There’s nothing peculiar going on here.

The Bodies: It looked like Benoit used a cord to strangle Nancy, and a pillow to kill Daniel. Benoit placed a Bible close to each body, and placed one near himself before he committed suicide. Benoit’s death was cause from asphyxiation. He had used his gym equipment to hang himself. His hands were never tied. There are no signs that Benoit had been forced to hang himself, and no signs of him struggling with anyone large enough to force him to commit suicide. It would be very hard to force another person into some gym equipment, kill him, and make it look like a suicide. A butcher knife was found under Daniel’s bed, but it wasn’t used at all. There is a question if it was there at all, but even if it was, it changes nothing about the crime scene. Just because it’s a bizarre item for a child to have under their bed doesn’t mean Benoit is innocent.

The Wikipedia Poster: Around the time of the murders, some moron posted on Wikipedia that just Nancy Benoit had died. The guy happened to be in Stamford Connecticut at the time, but there is no evidence that he was anywhere near WWE HQ, or that he knew anything about the Benoit murders. The police questioned the man and found that the whole thing was a coincidence. The poster also had made other inappropriate posts on Wikipedia about other athletes and celebs. Again I’m going to trust that the police really felt this had nothing to do with the murders, instead of believing that the police were too lazy to do their job, or that they were being bribed by The Dungeon of Doom or whatever.

Sherri Martel: Okay she died around this time and knew Benoit, Sullivan, and Nancy Benoit. They’re only connection to Martel is that they knew each other and that they were all national wrestling stars at one point. Sullivan and Martel may have made a love connection one night in the 80’s, but other than that there is nothing that points to the Benoit’s deaths and Sherri’s death being related.

Kevin Sullivan: Sullivan isn’t an actual Satanist. He may not truly state that he isn’t but that’s because of his old school kayfabe beliefs. I can find no record of him independently being around Satanists, or having a Satanic cult of his own. I can also only find hearsay evidence that he said he would wait ten years and then kill the Benoit’s. He seemed to have a life of his own at the time of the Benoit murders. I doubt he loved Nancy and Chris, but there is no evidence that he ever spoke about killing them, or that he was anywhere around Atlanta at the time of the murders. Perhaps he sent the Yeti to do it? Sorry I couldn’t resist.

Other Stuff: There were several text messages made from Chris’s and Nancy’s phones. Nothing that shows a fourth person killed the Benoits, in fact it points to the idea that Chris was planning for his own suicide. There was a note found weeks later where Benoit wrote that he was preparing to leave this Earth.

Benoit’s Mental Health: Benoit’s journal to Eddie Guerrero is actually a therapeutic coping activity. He may have discovered that writing to Eddie helped him cope with the loss of his friend? Someone may also suggested it? I doubt at any time that he believed Eddie was reading these letters or the Eddie was still alive.

The other big issue was Benoit’s wacky brain. If someone is sick with cancer, you shouldn’t blame them. Unless the guy with cancer is mentally unbalanced and addicted to narcotics. Many ex-NFL players have similar brain types to Benoit, and most of them know right from wrong. Just because a person is mentally disabled doesn’t mean they have free reign of crazy. I know this more than most. If anything Benoit is hurting the status of the athletes who have been terribly injured, that have done nothing wrong. Now if Chris thought he was killing aliens, and not Nancy and Daniel that would be one thing, but we have absolutely no evidence of that.

Conclusion: It’s time to let this guy go. He forfeit all the good he’d done when he murdered his family. Besides WWE is an entertainment company, and they have to think about their bottom line. Showing footage of a child killer doing cool crisp wrestling moves is going to hurt the WWE. They no longer have the luxury of pushing the envelope for hardcore wrestling fans. That’s why TNA does it for them.

If I’ve missed anything relevant let me know. Please no crazy stuff though.


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