CB’s Slant: Jeff Hardy Hits New Creative Low Point with Willow Alter-Ego Character on TNA Impact Wrestling

As if the Abyss / Joseph Park(s) storyline that lasted for two years wasn’t bad enough, TNA Impact Wrestling and Jeff Hardy have now unleashed another alter-ego character named Willow:

And if test introductory vignette wasn’t bad enough, Willow has now been a featured performer for the past two weeks, beginning with the TNA LockDown PPV and continuing on Impact:

Personally, to say I just don’t get it is an understatement. While we all know Jeff Hardy is a strange guy, at one point in time — now a long long time ago — he was one of the most bankable stars in WWE.

And while Hardy’s TNA career has been littered with erratic behavior and booking missteps, at least he was still on the card as Jeff Hardy. To let him come out as Willow adds nothing to the product and it’s just brutal to watch him overact this poorly in the ring.

If you want to defend the Willow character, TNA fans, be my guest. However, some things are just indefensible even in this wacky world of wrestling, and to me Willow is one of them.

That’s all from me — CB.

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