Forever Evil Blight Gives Us First Look At Crime Syndicate’s Earth 3 Destroyer Heading Into Forever Evil #7 Finale (Spoilers / DC Comics New 52)

We’ve been following Forever Evil since its inception. It’s a mini-series that promises to reshape the DC Comics New 52 after its issue #7 finale next month. The book has had many mysteries seeded in it including one concerning the Earth 3 Destroyer – a being that decimated the home planet of the Crime Syndicate; who are evil doppelgängers of Prime Earth’s Justice League.

In fact, a surprise has been that the Earth 3 Crime Syndicate has had half of its members killed in action so far through this event and the Destroyer hasn’t “officially” debuted in modern-day yet. However, while there’s been a major recent development on the Earth 3 Destroyer identity front, but before we get to that, let’s chronicle the Forever Evil mysteries so far, the first two of which have been partially answered:

Now, on the Earth 3 Destroyer front, its identity is a big question mark heading into the Forever Evil #7 finale:

SPOILERS follow.

While the Destroyer has not had its present-day debut in the DC Comics New 52, this month’s Forever Evil Blight tie-in (full checklist of its 18 comic book parts here) John Constantine #12 give us our first pseudo look at Earth 3’s Destroyer. (Special thanks to reader, comics fan, and twitter follower Steve Cardenas for pointing this out for me.)

While our Top 5 prospects for the Earth 3 Destroyer remain viable, the sheer size of the entity brings up another candidate.

In my view Darkseid is the major multiverse threat in the DC Comics New 52 Universe. Why not have his fallen angel, repackaged for 2014 of course, the towering inferno Brimstone make his debut in Forever Evil #7? Size-wise he fits the bill. And he is an agent of Darkseid. Check out a synopsis of the character’s history in the below right image.

The character debuted the mid-1980’s Legends mini-series follow-up to Crisis on Infinity Earths. That is one of my favorite mini-series of all time. John Ostrander wrote the tale, Len Wein scripted it, John Byrne pencilled and Karl Kesel inked it. This marked the two Johns’ debut as regular creators for DC Comics at the time.

The mini-series also debuted the modern age Suicide Squad concept that endures today; a very John Ostrander inspired Suicide Squad debut on TV’s CW Arrow last week! In the Legends mini-series, the Suicide Squad was instrumental in vanquishing the threat of Brimstone.

I imagine if it/he is the Earth 3’s Destroyer, he’ll need a different Achilles’ Heel then a techno-seed/heart from Darkseid’s Apokolips. Also, since DC writer and Chief Creative Officer Geoff Johns is a huge fan and historian of the comics medium, the 1980’s Legends mini-series begat an all-new all-different version of the Justice League; from Justice League Detroit (below left) to the brand-new Justice League (below right).

We’re getting an all-new Justice League after Forever Evil #7 with two villains at the heart of the team. Maybe, Brimstone with its/his Legends legacy may not be so far fetches after all; DC’s legends do battle in Forever Evil #7 next month.

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