Ring of Honor Wrestling #131 (Briscoes, Adam Cole, Michael Bennett)


Pennsylvania National Guard Armory – Philadelphia, Pennsylvania – March 22, 2014

We open with a recap of last week’s events surrounding ROH World Champion Adam Cole, Jay Briscoe, and the announcement of Ladder War 5 for April 4 in New Orleans. But before we get there, the Briscoes team up tonight to face Adam Cole & Michael Bennett in the main event!

Kevin Kelly and Steve Corino are on commentary. They hype the main event, as well as Ladder War 5.

MATCH #1: The Decade vs. Adrenaline RUSH & Andrew Everett

Everett and Roderick Strong start the match. They go back and forth at a rapid pace and Everett srikes first with a hard dropkick. TaDarius Thomas tags in and Strong backs him into the corner and tags BJ Whitmer. Thomas uses his unique offense to take Whitmer down, but Jimmy Jacobs interferes from the apron, allowing Whitmer to take control. When we come back the Decade has ACH in their corner but he fights them off and tags Thomas back in. Thomas is a house afire, throwing kicks around from every angle. The Decade tries to triple-team but Thomas is able to make the tag to Everett and the young guys are flying all over the place. Thomas wipes out Jacobs and Whitmer with a dive to the floor, and ACH follows with one as well. Meanwhile in the ring Everett misses a 450 Splash and Strong drills him with a knee to the face. Strong then hits End of Heartache to get the pin.

WINNERS – Jimmy Jacobs, BJ Whitmer & Roderick Strong (The Decade)

Next week, Michael Elgin takes on AJ Styles. Elgin and his mullet call it “can’t miss TV.” Elgin says if he can’t beat Styles, he doesn’t deserve to be ROH World Champion.

MATCH #2: The Romantic Touch vs. R.D. Evans

Evans is accompanied by Veda Scott, and a guy with a sign declaring Evans is 40-0. Touch gets distracted by Veda and Evans almost pins him with a schoolboy rollup. That just fires up the Touch, and he unloads with a flurry of offense. Evans fights back with a one-legged dropkick for two. He goes up top and misses a big splash. Touch resumes control of the match and trows Evans around. He sends Evans to the floor and follows him out with a flip dive. Touch gets distracted by Veda, who goes under the ring and Touch follows her. Evans gets back in the ring just before the count of 20 to get the win via count out. Veda comes out from under the ring and Touch is not far behind. Touch lights up a cigarette. Evans is now (allegedly) 41-0.

WINNER – R.D. Evans [Count Out]

Evans gets on the mic to gloat about his win, and somehow irritates Silas Young, who comes out to run him off.

Backstage – It’s the first episode of “The Fish” Tank, hosted by Bobby Fish, with his partner Kyle O’Reilly. They bring CHEESEBURGER on and sucker punch him. Next week it’s reDRagon versus Brutal Burgers in tag team action.

MATCH #3: Cedric Alexander vs. Adam Page

Roderick Strong joins the commentators for this match. Page and Alexander take it to the mat for some chain wrestling. It doesn’t take long for the pace to quicken and for both men to start showing off their speed and agility. Alexander sends Page to the floor and just waits for him to come back in. Page retorts by knocking Alexander to the floor. Back in the ring the momentum continues to swing back and forth. Alexander lands a springboard spin kick for two. Page comes back with a powerslam for a two-count. Alexander hits an inverted Air Raid Crash for two, and Page rolls to the floor. He goes for a dive but Page avoids it and hits the Shooting Star Press off the apron. Strong advises Page to take the count out win, but Page does no such thing. Back in the ring Page goes up top and misses a cross body block. Alexander hits an IED and the Lumbar Jack to get the pin.

WINNER – Cedric Alexander

Strong gets in the ring and talks trash to Alexander, who doesn’t want to hear it.

MATCH #4: The Briscoes vs. Adam Cole & Michael Bennett

Cole and Bennett have the first lady of Ring of Honor, Maria Kanellis, in the corner. Jay and Bennett start the match, and the brothers from Sandy Fork immediately take control. After a few minutes of basic attacks, Bennett is able to hit Mark with a dropkick and then tag the World Champion. The Briscoes seem fired up just by Cole being in the ring, and they take over on him. The fight spills to the floor and the Briscoes are dominating. Back in the ring Cole is able to fight back on Mark as we head to a commercial break. When we come back Jay gets a hot tag and he goes nuts on Bennett. Jay is a house afire, and Mark joins him for some double-teaming on Bennett. The referee loses control of the match as Mark and Cole battle outside the ring. Meanwhile Bennett comes back and hits Jay with the Box Office Smash. Cole tags in and takes it to his #1 Contender. He dropkicks Jay low and hits a Shining Wizard for two. Cole and Bennett get cocky and mock the Briscoes by hitting Jay with a double shoulder tackle. Mark takes offense and takes them out with a missile dropkick. He throws Bennett to the floor and hits a Blockbuster off the apron! That leaves Cole alone with two angry Briscoe Brothers. Jay and Mark try the Doomsday Device but Bennett slices Mark out of the air with a Spear that sends them crashing through the timekeeper’s table! Cole nails Jay with a superkick to the back of the head for a near-fall. He goes up to the second rope for the Florida Destroyer but Jay blocks it with a back drop. The Champ tries the Florida Key but Jay is able to block it. Jay delivers a Mafia Kick and a rolling forearm. He follows with the Jay Driller to cleanly pin the ROH World Champion.

WINNERS – The Briscoes

Jay celebrates with both title belts to end the show.

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