Sabotage Movie Review – Just Seen It

Sean, Zorianna, and Jami discuss the dirty cop thriller, Sabotage. Starring Sean Wright, Jami Philbrick, and Zorianna Kit. Directed by Amy Taylor. Edited by Justin Anderson. Sound Design by Aaron Fink and Nick Issacs. Produced by David Freedman, Cooper Griggs, Aaron Fink, Pedro Raposo, Amy Taylor, Liz Manashil, and Hannah Wade. An elite DEA task force robs a drug cartels safe house. Soon after, the group starts to get taken out one by one. Their commander has to turn the tables in order to keep them alive. Starring Arnold Schwarzenegger, Sam Worthington, Olivia Williams, and Terrence Howard. Directed by David Ayer. Written by David Ayer and Skip Woods. Produced by Al Ruddy, Paul Hanson, and Joe Roth. Genre: Action Thriller.