CB’s WrestleMania 30 Match Preview: Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal Takes Center Stage Thanks to Mania Host Hulk Hogan

On Sunday, April 6, 2014, WWE WrestleMania XXX will feature the first ever Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal. This idea was first introduced to the WWE Universe by WrestleMania 30 host Hulk Hogan and since then it has been very heavily promoted on Raw and SmackDown.

CB’s Slant: While the list of entrants for this match isn’t stellar from top to bottom (Brad Maddox comes to mind), I do love this idea for an old school type of battle royal that pays tribute to the man in Andre The Giant who helped make WrestleMania what is today when he selflessly allowed Hulk Hogan to bodyslam him at WrestleMania III.

Also, as contrived as it was, I absolutely loved the Piper’s Pit vignette from this past week’s Raw that helped promote the battle royal if for no other reason than to see Roddy Piper give the EYE POKE OF DOOM to The Miz before chaos ensued:

Also, I laughed at seeing Rey Mysterio get cheered when he entered the ring, a far cry from what happened at the Royal Rumble when Rey was booed for being the 30th entrant and for not being Daniel Bryan.

As for who will win, you’ll have to wait for the Rasslin’ Roundtable to get my official prediction. However, if I hear the words ODDS-ON FAVORITE one more time, I just might have to enter the match myself to help David Spain win it all.

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Source: WWE WrestleMania