Earth 2 #22 Spoilers: Superman Vs. Batman Coming, But First Who Is The Black Kryptonian’s Famous Dad? (DC Comics New 52 In Review)

Earth 2 has been a fun read so far. Here’s what you need to know so far as you delve into this week’s Earth 2 #22.

SPOILERS for Earth 2 #22 follow.

The evil servant of Darkseid Superman learns that there is a Batman plotting against him with Earth 2’s “Wonders”. Before he gets to him, he has business with Earth 2’s new Black Kryptonian.

So, who is that new Kryptonian? He is Val-Zod and appears to be the son of the Krypton 2’s General Zod.

The main DC New 52 Prime Earth has its Zod teamed with Faora and seemingly having killed our Earth’s Superman and Wonder Woman in the most recent issue of Superman / Wonder Woman #6.

Earth 2’s Superman goes after the Wonders and Val-Zod in a major way.

The book ends with Superman capturing Val-Zod, but also realizing that Earth 2’s Red Tornado was his presumed dead wife Lois Lane!

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