Ultimate Spider-Man #200 Spoilers: A Superior Read With Peter Parker, Miles Morales & Amazing Spider-Verse(s)? (All-New Ultimate Comics Marvel Now In Review)

Ultimate Spider-Man hits 200 issues of Peter Parker and Miles Morales action in Ultimate Comics All-New Spider-Man #200. The issue a tribute issue of sorts to those 200 issues and the deceased Peter Parker. The issue follows the devastating conclusion and deaths in Cataclysm: The Ultimates Last Stand.

Some aspects of Ultimate Comics All-New Spider-Man #200 seem to parallel nicely with the events going in the main 616 Marvel Universe as Superior Spider-Man comes to an end just in time for the Amazing Spider-Man 2 film; with HUGE revelations in Superior Spider-Man #30 heading into its final issue in Superior Spider-Man #31. A new Amazing Spider-Man #1 with Peter Parker under the mask instead of the Superior Doctor Octopus follows under the All-New Marvel Now branding initiative. The same way that a new Ultimate Spider-Man book featuring Miles Morales launches under the All-New Ultimate Now initiative.

SPOILERS follow for Ultimate Spider-Man #200 follow.

The two covers for the book provide a nice contrast to the two Ultimate Spider-Man of the last 200 issues: the deceased Peter Parker and current Spidey Miles Morales. We’re also caught up in one page on the key players in Ultimate Spider-Man.

In addition the two individual covers for Ultimate Spider-Man #200, I have also include the interlocking cover art without the logos and trade dress. A nice piece.

Ultimate Comics All-New Spider-Man #200 includes reflections on what mourners in the Ultimate Universe has hoped for Peter Parker’s Ultimate Spider-Man. A new costume and leader of the Ultimates Avengers. Also included is the pure art for the gatefold interior pages.

We also get a look at a possible future with several Spider-Men as the law enforcement in the Ultimate Universe. This very reminiscent of the Spider-Verse event planned for Marvel in the Fall of 2014 that includes EVERY incarnation of Spider-Man ever (even Spider-Ham!). Will all of these character pop up in that event? They exist somewhere or somewhen in the Marvel multiverse afterall.

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