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Welcome to the filler show of Total Divas. Yes I called it a filler show because only one thing of interest happens on episode 3 of season 2 on Total Divas. In fact, this one was so mind-numbing I had to watch it twice in order to find ANYTHING to write about which never happens to me because I am quite loose with my thoughts to begin with! So here is what I came up with after my second viewing and if it sucks blame the show. After all, an artist can only work with the materials on hand people!

So we left off the last episode with Brie and Bryan inviting (stupidly) the entire cast of Total Divas to come on their bus.

<- So the show opens up with a lot of people trying to have sex in public and continues in this fashion for… well lets be honest, the entire show.

<- Summer Rae: OK so here are my complete thoughts about Summer Rae… Psycho. She has an unhealthy fixation on Nattie, she seems to be willing to sleep with absolutely anyone who is willing and approached someone at their house while seemingly not understanding how that is unprofessional even after she slaps her. Her own partner Fandango seems to find her distasteful and if you are making Eva Marie cringe with discomfort, than you belong in the psych ward lady.

<- Nattie is portrayed so horribly on this show I can only hope it is made for TV because otherwise I am speechless. She is shown in the most uncomfortable of parts to watch of this show.

<- The only thing of interest that happens on this episode is when Brie finds out Summer Rae was flirting with Daniel Bryan and Brie goes ape shit on her after Nikki and Bryan egg her on. Nikki because Summer has made inappropriate advances on John Cena and Bryan because he likes to watch Brie fight for him.

<- In a match gone right (great match)/wrong (injury) Daniel Bryan sustains a concussion in what might be an attempt to end the bus ride from hell. Well played Bryan, well-played.

<- To sum up this entire show: life goes to hell when Daniel Bryan’s bus rules are broken. Trinity and Jon have sex, Nattie poops on the bus, Summer Rae flirts with Bryan and people are generally being far too annoying to stand. Life lesson? Follow Daniel Bryan’s bus rules… always… and no matter where you are. After all if Nikki Bella has to be the guest referee in your life, something went horribly wrong somewhere.

<- Up next for next week: John Cena having an affair?! Cue my shocked face.


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