A More Intimate Look at Daniel Bryan and Brie Bella

WWE.com posted a feature story highlighting the relationship between Daniel Bryan and Brie Bella.

The soon-to-be married couple first hung out together outside of work at a Boston museum in 2011 after realizing how much they had in common with each other.

As for how they even started talking, Bryan says, “There was a time [on the shows] when [the twins] thought I was a virgin, but I was a vegan. There was a mix-up … That’s how we ended up even talking to each other. Before then, we didn’t really speak much. I’ve never been anyone who talks to the Divas a lot or anything like that.”

After that little mix-up, Bryan and Brie started talking and as Bryan states, “We had so many similar interests. We had the same sensibility and we’re both kinda hippies.”

The story then talks about Bryan doing little things that make a big difference, like drinking from the same OKO water bottle all year long to reduce his plastic bottle count in 2014, something that has caught on with many of his fellow WWE coworkers. Bryan says, “If you keep trying your best, you can make little changes and those little changes become habit, those habits maybe transfer to other people.”

Overall, this was a more intimate look into the life and style of a couple who really seem to be genuinely in love and on the same page. Kudos to Brie Bella and Daniel Bryan for that.

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Source: WWE.com