Superman / Wonder Woman #7 Spoilers: From Zombies To Living & The Prelude To Doomed Featuring Doomsday (DC Comics New 52 In Review)

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Since its launch, the Superman / Wonder Woman series has put one powerful threat after another against our titular heroes. Two icons in battle with formidable foils. Following last month’s devastating, and surprising finale for our heroes, this week’s issue shows the ramifications and challenges faces by Superman and Wonder Woman on their road back to the living.

Here’s a brief rundown of the threats face by Superman and Wonder Woman over their preceding six issues.

Doomsday also got the 3D cover Villains Month treatment in Batman / Superman #3.1 Doomsday #1 (spoilers here). And, on the General Zod end of things, his Earth 2 counterpart had a son, a black son named Val-Zod (spoilers here), who is set to match the villainous Earth 2 Superman fist-for-fist.

Now that you’re caught up, away we go…

SPOILERS for Superman / Wonder Woman #7, in part a prelude to the Superman-crossing title Doomsday mini-event “Doomed”, follow.

As usual, the covers for Superman / Wonder Woman #7 pop off the shelves. It has a MAD magazine variant that I can take or leave (mostly the latter). The book opens with Superman / Wonder Woman right-as-rain despite the tragedy that befell them at the end last issue at the hands of General Zod and Faora. The rest of the issue tells the story about how Superman and Wonder Woman healed, sets up a future mystery for the series, and is a prelude to Doomsday’s return in “Doomed”.

Superman and Wonder Woman crawl out of the nuclear reactor into their decimated surroundings. Superman looks like Zombie Superman!

A group of mysterious masked translucent individuals fire on Wonder Woman and disperse. Who are they? A mystery to be a solved another day. Superman, in bad shape, flies with little power he has left – as Wonder Woman is so weak from the nuclear blast and being fired on by the masked mystery men – to save Wonder Woman.

Amazonian hokum crystal medicine heals Wonder Woman. Kryptonian bafflegab cutting edge technology revives Superman.

All the while, Doomsday continues his journey from the bottom of the ocean to Doom Earth! He punches through water (Oy!) to end the issue. Also, check out the neat Doomed checklist below middle put together by our friends at How To Love Comics.

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