Wednesday Comments – Five Former DC Leads Who Need A Second Chance

One of the most attractive aspects of DC is that they’ve been publishing superheroes continually for over 75 years. That’s a ton of comics in fact in 90’s there was DC One Million which commemorated the millionth issue that DC had published.

That’s also a ton of characters. Since you can only publish so many books a month, naturally some characters will get pushed to the side. And of course everyone is going to have their favorite characters and those they feel are deserving of the spotlight. Well, I’ve got five characters who actually starred in their own books, that I feel deserve a second shot in the New 52.

First up is Ryan Choi. Y’know, we were actually promised Ryan Choi when the New 52 launched, but that never came to pass. However it’s not too late to introduce him, especially given that there’s not really an Atom on Earth at the moment.

His solo title was wacky fun by Gail Simone who seemed to be having a blast with the character and his surroundings. And then of course he was killed off, to show how ruthless some villains were.

I’ve got to believe that there are creators out there who would love to pitch an Atom book, provided the character existed. Plus, having Ryan Choi as a lead would help DC with their diversity of characters issue.

The next character I think should needs another chance is Ragman. I’m an old school Ragman fan, from the first time I encountered him in The Brave & The Bold #196. And while I love his old school origin, I don’t know if would work with modern audiences, so I’m totally cool with the supernatural suit o’ souls.

Also, if he gets the shot again, he shouldn’t be in Gotham. His setting should be another DCU city. If you want to keep the urban setting, Bludhaven still exists (I think.) But personally I think Ragman’s city of operation should be either St. Roch or Opal.

And I mean come on, Ragman had his own title in the 70’s, two minis in the 90’s and a one-shot four years ago. Let’s give this guy a chance again.

Speaking of stars of mini-series, (Son of) Vulcan never really got the opportunity to shine in the pre-New 52. He had his own extremely fun mini series by Scott Beatty and Keron Grant. He popped up in Titans East, but was left incapacitated when the team was trashed.

Aside from being an awesome character Vulcan would really help DC out on a couple fronts. First off, he’s a teen hero and DC’s “Young Justice” line has been ravaged by cancellations. Also he’s a another non-white male.

Secondly, DC could use a novice hero that’s an entry point for readers into their universe. I can’t imagine being a new reader and trying to pick up an issue of Green Lantern or Justice League. Having a young “clean slate” character would provide a bit of balance for the whole line.

Next up is Anima. Wait, hear me out. Granted Anima got her powers as a result of the infamous Bloodlines crossover, but that’s no reason to hold it against her. She’s a cool character who deserves another look.

Basically Anima has the power to manifest the rage and masculine drive of humanity, which is pretty cool if you think about it. She’d need a new origin and I’m guessing it would involve some sort of mystical ritual or something, but that’s not all that important.

What’s important is that Anima would be a strong female character, which is something DC could use a few more of. Furthermore, give the masculinity of her powers I think it’d be an interesting take if she were a feminist who struggles with channeling that power in different ways. I think that Anima could be a really topical book in some ways.

Lastly, I feel like Damage is prime for a comeback. He’s yet another teen hero and he had his own title. He also served as a member of the JSA for a spell. Of course given his ties to the JSA, you’re probably wondering how he’s work in the New 52.

But that’s the hook of the book. He’s a character who wakes up with no memory of who he is, where he’s from and he’s got these powers that he can barely control. Is he a character from another universe? Is he from the Pre-New 52 universe? What are his origins in the New 52?

I think that’d be a big enough hook for the book. Actually, I know would, because the mystery of Damage’s parentage was the main thrust of the book in the beginning. Only now, the options are fewer, which makes things more mysterious.

So there you have it; Ryan Choi, Ragman, Vulcan, Anima and Damage all deserve a chance to shine in the New 52.

What do you think? Agree? Disagree? Can you think of other forgotten characters you’d like to see get a shot at the big time in the New 52? Leave me a comment.

Anyway, it’s Wednesday, go out and get some fresh new comics from your local comic book shop.

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