Ring of Honor Wrestling #133: Road Rage (Young Bucks, reDRagon)


Turner Hall Ballroom – Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Kevin Kelly and Steve Corino are on commentary.

MATCH #1: Chris Hero vs. Roderick Strong

Before Hero and Strong can do battle, they show footage of Strong’s fellow Decade members Jimmy Jacobs and BJ Whitmer guilting Adam Page into being their Young Boy. Jacobs joins the commentary team for this match. At this point Hero is 24 hours away from challenging Adam Cole for the ROH World Title. They start with some chain wrestling and Hero targets the arm, and then they take it to the mat where Strong targets the leg. Hero takes control and sends Strong to the floor as we head to commercial.

When we come back they’re still on the floor but Strong is control, throwing Hero into the barricade and then dropping him back-first across the steel. Back to the ring Strong is in the driver’s seat, keeping Hero on the mat. Strong wears Hero down with a variety of strikes and holds, but eventually he misses an enziguiri and Hero kicks him right in the face. Hero unleashes a flurry of offense, focusing on his famous strikes but he can’t put Strong away yet and we take another commercial break.

Back from the break and Strong has reclaimed control. Strong hits a knee to the gut and an Angle Slam. He hits a running knee in the corner and a half-nelson backbreaker for two. Hero fights back and they trade chops. Strong tries a suplex but Hero counters and hits the drop vertical suplex for two. Hero follows with a rolling forearm for another two-count. Strong comes back with a knee strike, the gutbuster, and the Sick Kick but all that only gets a near-fall! He tries the Stronghold but Hero counters to a cradle for two. Finally Hero connects on the Death Blow and puts on the Stretch Plum Alpha to get the win.

WINNER – Chris Hero

Frontier Fieldhouse – Chicago Ridge, IL

MATCH #2: ROH World Tag Team Title Match – reDRagon vs. The Young Bucks

Bobby Fish & Kyle O’Reilly have been the Champions since 8.17.13, and this is their seventh defense. The Bucks are already the IWGP Jr. Heavyweight Tag Team Champions. O’Reilly and Nick Jackson start the match. Nick almost starts a Superkick Party early but O’Reilly luckily avoids that. Even so, the Bucks are able to take the early advantage and they try to keep O’Reilly away from his partner. Even when Fish does get the tag, the Bucks go to work on him as well, and look totally dominant on the Champions. That all changes when O’Reilly shoves Matt from the top rope to the floor. That further injures Matt’s already injured hand (he is wearing a cast, which may as well be a target), and the Champions waste no time going after it. That’s a good time for a commercial break.

We come back and reDRagon has Matt isolated in their half of the ring. This goes on for quite some time with Matt unable to tag his brother. Finally Matt puts together a string of maneuvers culminating in a Spear on O’Reilly. Nick gets the hot tag and he’s a house afire. He flies all over the place, making sure to assault both Champions. It’s time for a commercial break.

As the action resumes, the referee appears to have lost control, with tags seeming to be an afterthought. Offense is coming from every angle, but it’s the Bucks getting the better end of it. The Champions come back and put some offense together but the Bucks fight back and it’s chaos in the ring. The action is getting too fast to call. Fish hits Matt with an Avalanche Falcon Arrow for a two-count. The Bucks come back and throw a Superkick Party on O’Reilly, who really doesn’t appreciate that. Matt uses his cast to knock O’Reilly out behind the referee’s back, and amazingly O’Reilly kicks out at two. Nick sends Fish to the floor and wipes him out with a dive. The Bucks then hit O’Reilly with a spiked Tombstone Piledriver and Fish breaks up the cover. They try More Bang For Your Buck, but O’Reilly grabs Nick in an armbar. Nick deftly counters that into a jackknife pin to get the win and the titles!

WINNERS – The Young Bucks, new ROH World Tag Team Champions

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