Ring of Honor Wrestling #134: Road Rage (Jay Lethal, Tommaso Ciampa)


John A. Alario Sr. Event Center – Westwego, Louisiana – April 12, 2014

Kevin Kelly and Steve Corino are on commentary.

MATCH #1: “The Last Real Man” Silas Young vs. R.D. Evans w/ Veda Scott

Evans’ streak is at 82-0, or so he says. Young uses his size and strength advantage in the early going to put Evans on the defensive. They fight on the apron and Young tries to suplex Evans back in but Veda Scott pulls a Bobby Heenan and Evans almost gets the pin. Young goes outside and chases Veda around. Ramon (the guy who holds Evans’ sign) tries to take a cheap shot, but Young brushes it off. All the distraction allows Evans to take the advantage. Back in the ring Evans goes up top and Young slams him down. Young dominates, keeping Evans grounded as we head to a commercial break.

When we come back Evans has found himself on the top rope but he misses a Superfly Splash. Young hits the backbreaker/clothesline combo but Evans kicks out at two. They fight back to the apron and Young hits an Electric Chair Drop on the edge of the ring frame. Wow, that seems extraordinarily dangerous. Somehow Evans makes it back to the ring before the 20-count and the match will continue. A frustrated Young walks right into an inside cradle and Evans almost gets the pin. Young punts Evans in the head, and then Veda gets up on the ring apron to distact Yonug and the ref. Ramone gives Evans his belt, but Young gets control of it. Evans fakes getting hit with the belt and then the referee turns around. Young and the ref argue, allowing Evans to roll Young up for a two-count. Back on their feet Young goes to hit Evans with the belt but Evans ducks and the referee gets nailed. The wrestlers continue to fight, and Young hits the Pee Jee Waja Plunge. Referee Gino Colucci comes out to make the three-count, and apparently the Streak is over. But Paul Turner wakes up and awards the match to Evans via disqualification! The crowd loves it!

WINNER – R.D. Evans

Next up is a recap of the Truth Martini/Matt Taven angle and the dissolution of Hoopla. Martini then cuts a promo, promising he will have the newest member of the House of Truth debut and take on Matt Taven at Supercard of Honor VIII.

Back to the arena, Taven comes out first and then Truth Martini makes his way out, alone. Martini cuts a promo about how Taven ditching him is the worst decision he could have made. He calls Kevin Kelly into the ring, and then reads from The Book of Truth. Taven gets sick of it and reads his own chapter, about whipping Truth Martini’s ass. Then the book starts on fire or something, distracting Taven long enough for Martini to kick him in the balls. Time for a commercial break.

We come back from the break and recap what just happened, which leads to Taven looking for Truth backstage. Taven walks into one of the restrooms and Truth throws a fireball in his face. See, Taven “fired” Truth, so now Truth can say the ultra-witty “I’m not fired, you’re fired” line.

Next up we get to see some clips of Tommaso Ciampa defending the ROH World TV Title for the first time oversees. They show clips of Ciampa defeating Freddy Stahl in WXW Wrestling and Martin Kirby in Preston City Wrestling. He also beat Eddie Dennis in another promotion, but they don’t show clips of that one.

MATCH #2: ROH World TV Title 2/3 Falls Match – Tommaso Ciampa vs. Jay Lethal

Ciampa has been the Champion since 12.14.13, and this is his tenth defense. He has already gotten by Lethal twice during this reign, as well as Silas Young, Matt Taven, and Hanson, and the three overseas defenses. I’d call that a very successful reign so far. Lethal offers a handshake, but Ciampa simply takes off his knee brace and hands it to him. Since Lethal caused the injury that necessitated that brace, I’d call that a pretty badass move. They start off slowly, since they have battled to many times and know each other so well. Things heat up and Lethal sends Ciampa to the floor. Lethal hits one dive, and then another, and then a third dive that sends Ciampa into the front row. Commercial break time.

When we come back they are still outside the ring and Lethal has the upper hand. Ciampa fights back and drills Lethal with the Ole Ole Knee Lift. He brings Lethal back to the ring and scores a two-count. Ciampa continues on the advantage but Lethal comes back with the hiptoss/dropkick combo for two. The momtum shifts back and forth several times and they trade suplex reversals that end up with both of them tumbling over the top rope to the floor. They get up and trade punches back and forth right up to the count of 19 and then they make it back to the ring. A series of reversals ends with Lethal cradling Ciampa long enough for a three-count and Lethal takes the first fall! Ciampa takes advantage of the lack of a rest period by going right after Lethal. He drills him with a knee to the face for a near-fall. We take another commercial break.

Back from the break and Lethal hits the Lethal Combination and adds the Koji Clutch. Ciampa reverses that to the Sicilian Stretch. Lethal makes it to the ropes. They continue battling back and forth. Lethal goes for the Lethal Injection but Ciampa avoids it and hits an Ace Crusher for two. Lethal responds moments later by hitting Project Ciampa but that also only gets two. He goes up to the top rope for Hail to the King but takes too much time and can’t hit it. Lethal goes for the handspring elbow but Ciampa ducks and the referee gets taken out. Ciampa unleashes a series of German Suplexes, and then flattens Lethal with a clothesline. Truth Martini makes his way out for some reason, and he slides Ciampa’s knee brace right to Lethal! The crowd chants No, but Lethal decks Ciampa with the brace and the referee crawls over to make the count. Ciampa kicks out at two! Lethal is persistent and he hits the Lethal Injection to win the second fall and become the first two-time ROH World Television Champion.

WINNER – Jay Lethal

It is revealed after the match that Truth Martini and Jay Lethal were in cahoots all along. Lethal gets on the house mic and gloats about his win, really sticking it to Tommaso Ciampa.

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