Justice League #29 Spoilers: Cyborg & Metal Men Vs Earth 3 Crime Syndicate’s The Grid & Finally The Set Up To Forever Evil #7! (DC Comics New 52 In Review)

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Justice League #29 has been delayed a bit, but it was worth the wait hitting stands today. It does directly lead into Forever Evil #7 which, with Justice League #30, Justice League of America #14, Suicide Squad #30 and Nightwing #30, all ship late in May 2014 now. These latter books are clearly key to Forever Evil #7 explosive finale otherwise, why delay them all?

The four mini-series that DC produced to tie-into Forever Evil – ARGUS, Arkham War, Rogues Rebellion and Blight – only had one of them end with anything relevant to tie-into Forever Evil #7.

Before we get into Justice League #29 spoilers and the book’s awesomeness, let me get you caught up on a few other items and mysteries that need to be wrapped-up in Forever Evil #7:

Major SPOILERS follow for Justice League #29 and its set-up to Forever Evil #7.

The book opens with Cyborg aligning himself with a newly reanimated Metal Men set to go after The Grid; he/it’s the Cyborg analogue on the evil Justice League from Earth 3 called the Crime Syndicate. The Grid is the team’s only member to originate on Prime Earth and not Earth 3.

The Grid is handling communications for the Earth 3 Crime Syndicate and their Prime Earth Secret Society of Super-Villains lackeys. However, The Grid senses that Cyborg is near – since he was once a part of him – and leaves Ultraman (the evil Superman analogue) to mutter in anger on The Grid’s abandoned view screen.

Cyborg and the Metal Men do battle with The Grid in the “real world” while Cyborg also does battle with The Grid from within. Cyborg is sucked into the mind of The Grid and must fight for his soul.

After the vanquishing of The Grid, the Crime Syndicate is really depleted heading into Forever Evil #7.

The book ends with Steve Trevor of ARGUS joining forces with Cyborg to assist the Justice League. However, he’s knocked out by the Secret Society setting up Forever Evil #7. So, here’s Steve Trevor’s path: Forever Evil: ARGUS #6 > Justice League #29 > Forever Evil #7.

Can’t wait for Forever Evil #7. I also can’t wait for Justice League #30 that, presumably, will in part include the mysterious origins of Superwoman (evil Wonder Woman analogue for the Crime Syndicate).

Justice League #29 is well worth a read due to story and art.

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