WWE Monday Night RAW LIVE Results For 4/21/14: Daniel Bryan Returns

Tonight on RAW Daniel Bryan returns, although I’m sure his mind will be elsewhere. Daniel Bryan’s father suddenly passed away today and my condolences go out to him and his family. We also have the semifinals of the Intercontinental Title Tournament as well as the continuing of the Shield/Evolution feud.

Hope D-Bry Can Change A Flat Tire

Daniel Bryan came out to start the show. His new wife Brie Bella was in the ring to greet him. Bryan looked very emotional going to the ring. Before anything was said, Stephanie McMahon came out. Steph said she couldn’t wait to come out and congratulate the both of them. Steph called the wedding breath-taking, if you were into that organic, rustic kind of wedding. Steph said they deserved a wedding gift, and that was Bryan defending the WWE Title against Kane at Extreme Rules. Steph said if she were him, she would get his pretty little wife out of harms way.

Suddenly Kane’s music hit. Steph told Kane not now. Bryan and Brie backed out of the ring to the announce table. But Kane came ou from behind. Kane attacked Bryan and set his sights on Brie until Bryan fought back. Brie ran off. Bryan jumped off the apron but Kane caught him and rammed Bryan into the barricade. Kane them hit the Tombstone on the outside. Steph yelled at Kane to stop but he didn’t listen. He took off the top step then hit the Tombstone on Bryan on the steps. As Bryan was being loaded onto a stretcher, Kane came back and shoved Bryan off. Kane started to take apart the announce table. Kane then hit the Tombstone on Bryan on the announce table. Steph called Kane a bastard as he walked off.

Back from break Bryan was being stretchered off. Steph sarcastically asked for a warm round of applause from Daniel Bryan.

Pyro And Spikes On His Robe? Barrett Is In Line For A Push

Time for the first semifinal of the IC Title Tournament. Bad News Barrett vs Sheamus. Barrett said tonight the luck of the Irish runs out for Sheamus. Barrett landed some early punches but Sheamus fought back with some of his own. Sheamus tossed Barrett into the corner then hit a rolling senton. Sheamus went to the top but Barrett crotched him. Sheamus fought Barrett off, then caught Barrett with a boot sending him to the outside. Sheamus then hit a crossbody off the ropes to the outside. Sheamus went for his rope punches but Barrett fought out and threw Sheamus into the post, then caught him with a boot knocking him to the outside.

Back from break Sheamus fought out of a headlock and hit a powerslam. Sheamus hit some axe handles then a running high knee. Sheamus hit is rope punces followed by a battering ram off the top for two. Sheamus ran into a Barrett Elbow in the corner but Sheamus came right back with the Irish Curse Backbreaker for two. Barrett countered White Noise with an elbow. Sheamus escaped Wasteland, Barrett ducked a Brogue Kick and hit the Winds of Change for two. Sheamus ducked the Bull Hammer elbow then took Barrett off the second rope and hit White Noise for two. Both men exchanged punches getting up. Sheamus hit a crossbody sending both men to the outside. Barrett tried going to the outside again once they were back in the ring, but Barrett shoved Sheamus away. Barrett got to the outside, and as Sheamus charged at Barrett, Barrett connected with the Bullhammer Elbow to pick up the win.

WINNER: Bad News Barrett

A Bo Dallas promo aired.

The Wyatts appeared on stage. Bray said free will has become man’s biggest allusion. They offer it to us and take it away just before we get it. But Bray said tonight would be a wonderful night for change. Bray said tonight the choice is in the hands of the people. He said tonight could be the night Cena finally learns the truth. Bray said that they all stand against him. Bray said no matter what happens, the people don’t love John anymore. He said every time they cross paths more and more people come with him. He said they all sing with him, and they started singing along with “He’s got the whole world in his hands.”

Remember When Drew McIntyre Was The Chosen One?

Los Matadores & El Torito vs 3MB & Hornswoggle. Hornswoggle and El Torito started. They exchanged punches before Torito hit a hurricarrana followed by a springboard splash off the ropes. Torito hit the “Bull-Buster” in the corner then a moonsault. Jinder broke up the pin but was knocked to the outside. Drew McIntyre came in. Drew missed a boot and El Torito ran right into the groin of Heath Slater on the apron. Drew grabbed Torrito but was kicked in the mid-section. Los Matadores came in and grabbed Drew, and El Torito hit a seated senton off the top and pinned Drew for the win.

WINNERS: Los Matadores and El Torito

Ladies And Gentlemen, Randy Orton Owns Pants!

Evolution came out. HHH laughed every time he thinks about the beatdown from last week. He said The Shield came out and talked about how they were the biggest and baddest around, but then their daddy came out and spanked them around. And that is only the beginning. Orton talked about the reformation of Evolution then a video package played of their history. Batista asked if everyone was starting to get it now. He said The Shield has no idea what they’ve gotten themselves into.

The Shield’s music hit and they came into the ring, but Evolution left. Ambrose said last week wasn’t the first time they were beaten up and it won’t be the last. Ambrose asked HHH if they looked humbled to him. Ambrose said there is a reason they were hired to protect him and that creampuff Randy Orton. Ambrose said they are the meanest dogs in this industry. Rollins said they know exactly what they got themselves into, they started it. Rollins said they can talk about how tough and dominant they are, but the truth is they aren’t. Rollins said when push comes to shove, Evolution won’t be looking out for Evolution. They will all be looking out for themselves. Rollins said at Extreme Rules they are going to rip Evolution to pieces and they put a nail in their own coffin, and the are going to be the hammer that drives it home. Reigns said last week Evolution gave them an ultimatum. This week The Shield has one. Reigns said in a few seconds he is going to drop the mic and come up the ramp to beat their asses. Reigns said they could defend themselves, or they could be creampuffs. The Shield left the ring but as they did, everyone from the match last week showed up on the ramp next to Evolution. HHH said this is option 3, to adapt. The segment ended with The Shield frustrated as they stared up the ramp.

An Adam Rose promo aired.

Need More Ryback On Commentary

Its The Usos vs Cody Rhodes and Goldust with Rybaxel on commentary. Goldust knocked Jey down with a shoulder tackle and an inverted atomic drop. Jey hit some quick armdrag takedowns. Both men exchanged some hard slaps before Goldust hit a clothesline. Cody came in and hit a springboard dropkick. Jey escaped an armbar and tagged in Jimmy, who dropped Cody’s neck on the ropes. Cody escaped a headlock and hit an uppercut. Goldust came in but he ate a quick clothesline. Jimmy tagged in as did Cody. Jimmy kicked Goldust out as Cody went for CrossRhodes on Jey, but Jimmy caught him with a crescent kick and picked up the win.


After the match Cody shoved Goldust away and walked off in anger. Rybaxel then attacked The Usos and hit Shell Shocked on one of the Usos.

Emma vs Layla. Before the match started, Fandango pulled Santino off the apron and he hit the floor. Layla went on the attack early but Emma came back with a clothesline. Santino hit the Cobra on the outside on Fandango, then Emma pulled a Cobra out from her boot and hit the Cobra on Layla for the win.

John Cena was interviewed. He said he realizes what is going on with the WWE Universe and that he just has to get through these next two weeks so he can get Bray in a cage.

At Least RVD Showed Up After 4/20

It’s RVD vs Cesaro in the second IC Title semifinal. RVD countered an early suplex attempt and caught Cesaro with a kick to the face. Cesaro came back and caught RVD and hit a backbreaker. RVD leapfrogged Cesaro and hit a springboard kick off the second rope. Cesaro came right back with an uppercut and suplex for two. RVD countered Cesaro but stopped himself from running into the post, but Cesaro kicked RVD from behind and he went into the post.

Back from break RVD fought out of a headlock but Cesaro hit a stomp on RVD. Cesaro took control and connected on an uppercut and boot, then an elbow off the second rope for two. RVD fought out of a headlock and caught Cesaro with a kick to the face. RVD landed some punches followed by another kick and Rolling Thunder which got a two. RVD hit a kick off the top rope. RVD went to the top but Cesaro caught him with an uppercut. RVD knocked Cesaro off the ropes with a kick then hit a split leg moonsault for two. RVD missed a spinning heel kick and Cesaro connected on another upper cut. Cesaro hit a Pearl River Plunge powerbomb for two. Cesaro was ready to go for the swing but Jack Swagger and Zeb Colter came out. Cesaro went out to confront Swagger. RVD came off the top but Cesaro caught him with an uppercut. Heyman and Zeb argued on the outside. Cesaro rolled RVD back into the ring but Swagger shoved Cesaro into the ringpost. With RVD in the ring, Cesaro was counted out.

WINNER via Countout: Rob Van Dam

After the match Cesaro threw Swagger out of the ring then went to swing Zeb, but Swagger broke it up and they bailed.

Cesaro and Heyman confronted RVD backstage. They asked RVD how he sleeps at night. RVD said he has a clear consceince. He also told Cesaro that if he wants to make it in this business, he should keep his house, wallet and everything else away from Heyman.

Paige vs Aksana. Paige landed some early knees to Aksana but Aksana came back with some kicks of her own after tossing Paige off the second rope. Aksana landed some elbows then went to a chinlock. Paige fought out but ate another elbow from Aksana. Paige ducked an Aksana kick and started slamming her head into the mat. Aksana tried fighting back but Paige caught her with another knee followed by a clothesline, then applied the scorpion cross lock for the win.


Alexander Rusev defeated Sin Cara. Sin Cara got a little bit too much offense in for my liking, even knocking Rusev down to one knee. But Rusev finished off Sin Cara with the Accolade as usual.

In A Normal World, This Would Be Logic For A Cena Heel Turn

The WWE Universe voted for John Cena to face all three members of the Wyatt Family.

All three members of the Wyatt Family charged at Cena and beat him down before the match officially started. Once the match started Harper went right to work on Cena. Harper landed some early blows then Rowan came in. He rammed Cena head first into the turnbuckle. Cena tried fighting back but Rowan caught him and hit a fallaway slam. Bray came in and pretended to dance with Cena. Harper came back in. Cena quickly reversed him and hit a splash in the corner. But Harper came right back with an elbow to the face. Cena countered and hit a German suplex. Harper tagged in Rowan who hit a pump handle backbreaker for two. Bray came in and went to kick Cena but Bray stopped himself. Harper came in and Cena quickly applied the STF but Rowan broke it up. Cena knocked Rowan off the apron and pushed him into the barricade, but Harper came outside and tossed Cena into the steps.

Back from break Cena started fighting back and hit a tornado DDT off the second rope. Bray tagged in and he immediately took out Cena. Bray went to the outside and landed some punches to the head of Cena with his head against the post then hit a headbutt. Rowan came back in and shoved his fist into Cena’s head. Rowan charged at Cena but Cena moved and Rowan went into the post. Bray came in and clotheslined Cena, then did the spider crawl. But Cena caught him with a clothesline then went into CENA MODE. He knocked Rowan off the apron and sent Harper to the outside. Cena hit the Five Knuckle Shuffle and AA on Bray, but Harper broke up the count. All the members of the Wyatt Family joined in on the beatdown and the ref called for the bell.

WINNER via DQ: John Cena

After the match the Wyatts continued the beatdown and Bray hit Sister Abigail on Cena. Bray sang “He’s Got The Whole World In His Hands” to close the show.


Kane Beatdown Of Daniel Bryan: There were a lot of people worried about the Kane/Bryan match because they thought Kane had no heat and was going to drag Bryan down with him. Well that beatdown to start the show changed that. It was a good way of re-establishing Kane as a serious threat and giving Bryan even more reason for the fans to get behind him. Not only that, but with Stephanie McMahon involved in the angle it is till tied to the whole Authority storyline.

Wade Barrett vs Sheamus: A solid match between both men, and a surprise win from Barrett. Both of these guys can bring it in the ring and it showed here. Barrett finally seems to be gaining some momentum and may be in line for a push. As far as Sheamus goes, seeing him take two straight clean losses in a row is a bit surprising. Maybe a heel turn coming? Possibly. But a good match from both men.

Shield/Evolution Promo: This was a good exchange between both factions. Evolution made a point of establishing how dominant they were in the past, and The Shield didn’t back down and made it known it was now there yard. You don’t want to see these two groups exchange blows until either next week or the PPV.

Bray Wyatt Promo/Cena Match: In a normal world this WWEApp vote would be logic for a heel turn, but lets not get into that discussion at all. People who thought Bray would be de-pushed or not have enough momentum after losing to Cena have been proven wrong. I would even argue Bray is better then he was before Mania. He’s definitely regained all of his momentum and may have gained more.


Cesaro/RVD: I hate to see anything with Cesaro down here. But this has more to do with RVD than Cesaro. RVD just looked off and sloppy during the entire match. Cesaro did his best to make it work but RVD just looked out of shape during the entire match. That plus the ending was kind of sloppy as well.

EmmaCobra: I guess the WWE writers didn’t want to give Emma a chance to get over. This pairing with Santino is killing her.

Cody Rhodes/Goldust Break-Up: This is something that I wanted to see leading up to Wrestlemania. Now, it just seems too little too late. Goldust and Cody have lost a lot of steam. Goldust doesn’t even get the good nostalgic pop anymore. Their act has worn down and it has everything to do with how they’ve been booked since losing the tag titles.

I thought this was an average show of RAW. It had its ups and downs, but it was right in the middle. I’m giving it a 5.

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