From The Mind Of A Wrestling Wife: Total Divas Season 2 Episode 4

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Sorry guys I never got around to writing a post for last weeks episode but I did watch it. Here is a quick recap: John Cena bought Nikki a house on the beach even though she spent the whole episode stalking him and thinking he was cheating. The End.

– Jon and Trinity have been together much longer than I expected. I like the way they have decided to get married that’s how I wanted to do it but noooo my husband had to have a church/family wedding. Jon and his brother seem to have a very strained relationship with their dad but not in a we don’t get along way, more like they don’t know how to talk to him way. Jon asking his dad to come to his wedding is a very uncomfortable scene. His dad didn’t exactly say yes… They got a beautiful spot to get married. That is pretty horrible that Jon’s dad isn’t coming and that no one told Trinity. Jey’s speech was really nice and did make a sucky situation better. Trinity has a see through wedding dress with nipple pasties… besides that it was a really beautiful wedding.

– Eva Marie’s medical condition while not pleasant is not as serious as they are making it out on TV. I have had cysts on my ovaries and while painful they do not put you on bed rest even when burst. I wonder how long you have to wait in an emergency room for them to find a doctor willing to be on TV. I know just seeing a doctor in the ER is a pain. Eva Marie’s situation does kind of suck no one wants to be told they may not be able to have kids but they just told her it was a chance. I will admit when she told her husband his speech started out a little dicey. Having kids should not be as huge a deal as some people make it there are other ways to have kids now you know like adopting a baby who needs love. I just never got that they have to be from my gene pool thing. Eva Marie’s husband does a pretty nice husbandly thing trying to patch up the relationship between mom and daughter but jeez her mom is a bitch.

– I find it hard to believe Nattie doesn’t know what doggie style is I mean that is common knowledge. I don’t think Nattie should take marriage advice from two women who have never been married. Oh and you should always run the whole I’m hiring a sex therapist thing by your husband first. I don’t blame TJ for being uncomfortable because this woman is uncomfortable. She doesn’t seem to be a licensed professional, more like an ex porn star…Jeez corny story lines. That’s pretty awful Nattie doesn’t remember their first time having sex maybe she was drunk again.


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