Justice League United #0 Spoilers & Preview: Post-Forever Evil #7 Justice League Of America Becomes DC Comics New 52’s Cosmic Justice League Canada

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When DC Comics originally announced that their New 52 Justice League of America series would be cancelled after Forever Evil #7, they indicated that a new series called Justice League of Canada would replace it. However, when the solicitation came, the series was called Justice League United, but would feature the Justice League of Canada who would also go on cosmic adventures when not in Northern Ontario or Toronto.

However, despite not wanting to put CANADA on the book’s cover ongoing, the variant for Justice League United #1 will feature a Justice League Canada (no “of” anymore in the title) logo.

The new series kicks off despite the last issue of Forever Justice League of America #14, a few other series, and Forever Evil #7 being delayed into May 2014. So, while these events take place after those issues, Justice League United hits stands before those issues with this week’s Justice League United #0. The preview for that issue has hit stands and is below.

SPOILERS follow for Justice League United #0.

As a refresher, let me get you caught up on a few items and mysteries that need to be wrapped-up in Forever Evil #7:

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