RAGER’S 10 Thoughts: WWE Raw 4.21.14 (Bray Wyatt, John Cena, Daniel Bryan)

1. Obviously, it was/is a rough situation for Daniel Bryan and his family and they could’ve easily come up with an off-air reason for him to understandably miss the show tonight but instead opened the show before (I assume) he left to be with his family. Daniel Bryan took being a professional to a whole new level and I’m sure WWE appreciates it as we do. Again, he didn’t have to but he still did.

2. When Stephanie’s music hits, it always takes me a few seconds to figure out whose music that is. Honestly, Stephanie’s entrance music should just be the shrills of dragons and the crying of small children. Also, let us all take solace in the fact that Kane is no longer wrestling in slacks.

3. Bad News Barrett cleanly pinned Sheamus? WWE is making it incredibly difficult for me to not be on-board with this new Barrett gimmick now.

4. The WWE video package team made a El Torito and Hornswaggle package look like an epic Wrestlemania-level feud. I’m now convinced the team has the power to summon Cthulhu because why not?

5. I was thinking that the only reason Randy and Batista spoke during their promo was because of HHH’s horse voice but then every member of the Shield got a chance on the mic so that’s when I realized that was by design. I love the Shield, every member is amazing but Roman and Seth’s mic work that goes beyond a few sentences needs some work. I mean, sure, the best way to progress is to gain experience but Shield have done a great job playing to their strengths for a year and a half and got over in a major way almost exclusively due to their ring work. Dean is definitely still need to be the Shield’s mouthpiece or whatever tired cliché Michael Cole wants to use to describe it.

6. CoDust is on the verge of breaking up and I’m all for it. They had a great and fun run together but they’ve done very little lately and this break-up needs to happen while people still find them relevant. I’d hate for it to be the same tag team break story that is constantly happening but at least the matches should be pretty good.

7. The end of that Emma/Santino vs Fandango/Layla…No, WWE! Stop that! Go sit in the corner and think about what you’ve done.

8. I’m sure we all guaranteed that Cesaro would’ve won the tournament as his vehicle upwards but now it’s becoming increasingly clear that it’s more of a vehicle for Barrett. Does this mean we’re going to have multiple tag team break-up storylines going on at the same time? Obviously Swags/Cesaro is much further along than CoDust. Timing has never really been a strong point of WWE’s.

9. Pour one out for all the glue guns that gave their lives to bedazzle that ridiculous shirt Lawler was wearing. Also, Aksana has a ring entrance?

10. I like Bray Wyatt and I will forever praise his mic work and his ability to maintain his weirdness during matches and ring work, but I’m gonna need more substance for this Cena feud. The only other time the Wyatts had any sort of extended feud against someone was with Daniel Bryan and there were shifting elements beyond “Bray is targeting this guy now.” I’m not saying they need for Cena to join the Wyatt’s because we saw how that went down with Nexus plus this is already resembling Cena’s “embrace the hate” struggles and then you add the fact that joining the Wyatt’s would be copying a story they just did a few months ago. This is the one thing I grow weary of, feuds that last for extended periods of time but offer nothing new to give reason for this feud extension. I guess it would help if Cena actually showed some internal struggle beyond what he did during the WM30 match but even then, I need more.

Don’t do anything I wouldn’t do twice,

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