The Forever Heel Week in Review. Now w/ more fiber.

So this week was a heel’s Raw. Evolution, Kane, and The Wyatts walked away smelling like as rose. Also on TNA it looks like Beer Money maybe returning? Dixie Carter continues to own younger IWC marks, and The Bromans kept their tag titles.

New Champs in WWE and TNA: I’m sure we all notice the similarities between Eric Young and Daniel Bryan? I don’t care who was champ first because the fans still love these guys. People can really identify with both guys like they could with Stone Cold back in 1998. We’ve all busted our asses only to be told, “Yeah CH, we’re going with Ben. Thanks for all your hard work, keep it up”, we all get stone-walled. In today’s era face wrestlers aren’t allowed to attack the boss out of anger every week. Especially with Eric Young since his evil boss is a female. I can also identify with a guy who puts on suit to impress his boss, only for the boss to hand your opportunity to the loud little shit that constantly whines about not being appreciated. I have often felt like donning a mask and eating his vegan lunchables. Kane has every right to be pissed about Bryan ‘s wife. How many of us have hit on a hot woman, only to be told she has a boyfriend, and the boyfriend is a total beta male goof? It’s even worse for Abyss because TNA never knows what to do with him. He’s usually cast as a sympathetic figure and lovable violent doof. I hate Abyss, and I’m supposed to be the guy that sides with heels. Why can’t they just repackage him?

Dixie Eats Marks: I’m noticing that Dixie Carter’s promos have egged on the Fb Marks. For months anti-TNA dumbasses have been wishing the company would fold because of Dixie’s lack of wrestling knowledge, and she’s read this shit and now is becoming the character we all hate. Her claims of inventing The Yes Movement, and making AJ Styles into The Phenomenal One is brilliant. Besides, the biggest critics of Carter are guys like Jarrett, and Hogan. Those two have proved they can’t run a business.
Sting Debuts in WWE: …oh right…

Beer Money reuniting: There’s nothing like a great mismatched tag team. When it works, it beautiful. Beer Money is in the top three of these kind of teams. Nobody liked how they broke up, and we all missed evil James Storm. These two were the best parts of Fortune. I can’t even remember the other members because they never did anything significant. Hopefully without Hogan, Creative will push these two higher than Bully Ray and Gunner matches?

Bo Dallas Cometh: I hate Bo’s face, but he’s great as a heel. His sickening sweet gimmick is being diluted a bit, but he seems to be getting a moral coach gimmick similar to Positively Page gimmick from 2001? I wonder how his “inspirational” gimmick will connect with Bray’s cult leader character? If Bo turns face, he will need to grow a beard though.


Top Heels This Week

5) Dixie Carter


3)Storm & Roode

2)Bray Wyatt

1)Kane & Stephanie McMahon

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