My Thoughts: TNA Impact 4.17.14 & 4.24.14 (Eric Young, Magnus, MVP, Abyss)

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<- So I’ve been pretty much out of the loop when it comes to Impact lately. The last show I watched saw Daniel Bryan’s doppelgänger win the World Championship just days after Daniel Bryan had a career making night at WrestleMania 30. That said, I knew I needed to catch up on Impact with a PPV tonight so I figured I’d throw 2 shows in one column. Who knows if it will work but then again, when was the last time TNA worked?

Impact Wrestling 4.17.14

<- I don’t think I mentioned this is my last report but I’m glad Eric Young won the title with a piledriver since that move should be considered a match ending move with how dangerous it is. Also, I’m not against Young winning the TNA Championship. What bothered me was the rushed building of his “legitimate wrestler” push & the timing of the title change.

<- Dixie Carter invented the beard… Such a pathetic attempted cheap shot at Daniel Bryan and the WWE.

<- Annnnd now they want to do a “corporate makeover”? Good God. To think I used to love this promotion…

<- The Beautiful People were a great act for TNA during their first run when they had plenty of women to work against. They were heels but sexy as hell & still able to get heat. That’s an easy thing to do at all. This reunited version of the BP seems water downed & unable to capture the magic they had on their first go-around. I think all TNA fans had high hopes for the Beautiful People reunion but I can’t see anyone pleased with their direction thus far.

<- Samoa Joe won’t come to work because he’s “disgruntled” he’s not in the main event. If this wasn’t a work, I’d say Samoa Joe and CM Punk should just go off and start their own promotion of disgruntled pro-wrestlers.

<- So the rumor was that The Wolves turned down a WWE contract because they would have to start out in NXT whereas they would be put right into the spotlight at TNA. I don’t know about many other wrestling fans but the quality of NXT & now it’s higher visibility on the WWE Network rates NXT higher than TNA. I wonder if Eddie and Davey feel like they made the wrong choice as I do.

<- A ton of people are down on the Willow character but I say why not? Everyone knows it’s Jeff Hardy and they’re not trying to hide that fact. But Hardy DID need a reboot or anything that made Hardy fresh again. This character is completely different and I think it works BECAUSE they’re not trying to hide the fact that it’s Jeff Hardy. I guess TNA did learn something from Suicide.

<- You would think that with all of that time off, Kenny King would be better on the mic. I’m not down on the new character as it’s just ramped up from his previous persona and he’s always good in the ring. But there’s nothing that stands out about him. I’d much rather watch Tigre Uno and Sanada in a best of 7 series than a best of 3.

<- Why do wrestlers ALWAYS go for the tables hidden under the ring instead of the ones that are leaned up against the damn ring post? It always looked idiotic to me. I don’t see how Gunner doesn’t win most improved. He’s in-ring work is night and day from when he debuted as a member of a TNA “security”.

<- I understand that you want Eric Young’s first title defense be a big one and earn him an impressive win but Monster’s Ball? There’s nothing to build up to now. Hopefully this will be the last Abyss/Young match for a while. Still, very good match for a hardcore fight and another win to legitimize Eric Young as a real World Champion.


Impact Wrestling 4.24.14

<- Why did I do this to myself? TNA is bearable on a weekly basis and even sometimes pretty good but I never should have let myself watch two episodes back-to-back and then a PPV Sunday.

<- I hope we don’t get video packages showing Eric Young’s title win all night like it was the week before. If your fans are watching your show, they know what the hell happened.

<- Wait, is Abyss a babyface again now because Magnus fired him and Abyss thought they were friends? I know that there’s a lot of shades of grey in pro-wrestling and not everyone is a clear-cut “good guy” or “bad guy” but after Abyss tried to potentially kill your “good guy” World Champion the previous week, I definitely wouldn’t consider him someone to root for because his feelings were hurt during one promo.

<- The last time I think I saw someone compete in a bow tie was Howard Finkel and he was a lot more entertaining than Rockstar Spud.

<- What’s with the TNA Knockouts all wearing wrestling skirts? Even ODB wears a damn skirt for Christ’s sake! And Brittany is the new Victoria/Mickie James/Bayley super-fan that turns stalker. I know there’s only a limited supply of wrestling angles but this one is WAY too played out. (FYI: I included Bayley because I’m assuming when they want to turn her, they’ll play this card.)

<- So what’s the logic of putting a talented guy like Kenny King you’ve been promoting for weeks in a match with an already established monster like Bobby Lashley? Sure it was a somewhat competitive match but not enough to actually help King’s character. Although how the hell Bobby Lashley caught King in a vertical suplex I’ll never know!

<- It might be the talent he’s been able to work with but the MVP we’re seeing in TNA is nothing compared to what we saw in WWE. Why can’t all wrestlers take a few tours of Japan if it enhances their ring talent?

<- Why wouldn’t you hype a Beer Money reunion? Because they’re heels? Then don’t team them together and wait until you can do a “reunion” tour of (arguably) TNA’s most popular tag team instead of having them compete in a random match on Impact.

<- OK, Samuel Shaw has jumped the shark, Fonzie-style.

<- Abyss seriously just apologized to Eric Young one week after their Monster’s Ball title match… The “Monster” just apologized to his “friend”. How the hell am I going to stay awake tonight during Sacrifice?

<- Wait… the show is over? I can leave now? God I hope Sacrifice has some damn good in-ring action.

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