My Thoughts: TNA Sacrifice 4.27.14 (Eric Young, Magnus, Dixie Carter, The Wolves)

TNA Sacrifice 2014 Header


<- I absolutely love the fact that The Wolves are being featured on an international stage. I hate that it has to be against the BroMans. The minds for tag team wrestling that The Wolves have is incredible. But now does TNA have any other tag teams to face the Wolves since Daniels & Kaz are gone?

<- The Samuel Shaw character completely jumped the shark on last week’s Impact. The whole “trip to Shaw’s house” where he lives with his “mom” and his mom is named “Christy” – it was too B-level (or more like D-level) horror movie that probably had more people rolling their eyes than anticipating their match at the PPV. The match was nothing special but I did like that Christy Hemme was the one to cost Shaw the win in the end. Oh and hey Mr. Anderson is finally wearing long trunks! It only took about 8 years to realize how stumpy his legs look on TV.

<- All I got out of this match was that Rockstar Spud was more over in the Impact Zone than Kurt Angle or Jeff Hardy and that the people in Orlando made history with their “Mary Poppins” chant.

<- Sanada & Tigre Uno might not be as good as guys like AJ Styles and Christopher Daniels but they’re what the X-Division is right now. It’s nice to see flashes of the X-Division past, TNA needs to get guys like Kenny King and Austin Aries back into this title mix. That or pick up new blood.

<- I know wrestling is a constant evolution and guys need to evolve their characters to remain relevant. But damn do I miss when James Storm was entertaining. This match was just damn violent. At least they had a strong back story to support the violence compared to recent matches.

<- So Dixie Carter is now becoming a part of the in-ring/on-screen product? Such a bad, bad idea and what a plodding & cruddy match. I expected more from these two guys, especially with the intensity they brought to the feud but everything just fell flat.

<- I like how Eric Young threw in some of his old gimmicks at the beginning of the match to “throw off” Magnus. It was a nice homage to how far Young’s character has come. What sucks is that this two men had a much better match than most of the rest of the card but received half of the TV time. There definitely needs to be a conversation on what should be more important than others. Problems such as the TNA World Championship match being shorter than Kurt Angle/Willow versus EC3/Spud. Young did look great again in his title defense so there’s that for whomever paid for the PPV and stayed awake long enough to see the main event.

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