C2E2 2014: All-New Marvel Now’s Original Sin Gets Mini-Series With Thor, Loki & Their Sister?! Plus Spider-Man Meets FIRST Spider-Woman… Silk! SPOILERS

Original Sin is Marvel Comics’ big Spring 2014 event that stealthily kicked off in All-New X-Men #25 (spoilers here) plus Original Sin #0 (spoilers here).

More Original Sins news spilled from this past weekend’s C2E2 2014 con in Chicago. Before we go there, here’s a rundown of what you need to know about Marvel’s Original Sin:

Now onto the big Original news items from C2E2 2014.

USA Today reports that in addition to the Iron Man / Hulk Original Sin #3.1 to 3.4 mini-series “interlude”, we’ll get another “interlude” in the form of Original Sin #5.1 to 5.5 mini-series called Thor & Loki: The 10th Realm involving their long-lost sister… Angela, “the daughter Odin believed he’d lost forever”.

The mini-series is co-written Jason Aaron and Al Ewing reveals that despite always pontificating about the Nine Realms of Asgard there is also a tenth realm that was lost to history but Ewing teases that all will come to light about the land, “everything from their moral philosophy, which is a whole universe away from Asgard’s, to the bloody history Odin chose to hide for countless eons.”

Ewing added that “Readers will get the full guided tour of this strange new world… even as three members of Marvel’s most destructively dysfunctional family rampage their way across it. Hopefully there’ll be something left of it — and the rest of the universe — when the dust finally settles.”

Angela was originally at a dispute between Spawn creator Todd McFarlane and writer Neil Gaiman over the rights to the character Angela. In the end, it appears that the two settled with McFarlane keeping the rights to another disputed character Medieval Spawn while Gaiman got Angela. In turn, Gaiman appears to have sold Angela to Marvel who has been a part of the All-New Marvel Now’s Guardians of the Galaxy series. Todd McFarlane even commented that he hoped Marvel would make entertaining use of the character for the fans’ sakes.

The New York Daily News is reporting that in this week’s Amazing Spider-Man #1 we’ll see the present-day debut of Silk, Marvel’s first Spider-Woman. Her origin will told as part of Original Sin, but as you can see from the below art she was bitten by the same radioactive spider that bit Peter Parker at the same event right after one another.

(Why the teaser art shows “Silk” being bitten in two different places is beyond me.)

Writer Dan Slott notes that the “spider lived long enough to bite one more person. When I pitched that idea at one of our creative summits, everyone went, ‘Oohhhh… Where has she been all these years? That sounds like an incredibly big secret, he said twirling his mustache. I wanted to do something that had a major ramification to Spider-Man’s world. Something that really struck all the way to its core. But at the same time could leave everything you knew intact. This adds to Spider-Man’s world and it doesn’t take anything out of foundation and crumble it.”

Silk will also appear in Marvel’s Spider-Verse event this Fall.

Fun times ahead!

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