Game of Thrones – Episode 2 Review – “Oath Keeper”

game-of-thrones-oath-keeper_article_story_largeThanks for the comments on last week’s Game of Thrones recap! It was interesting to read about the difference in events between the book and the TV show. If you’ve seen Sunday night’s episode, “Oath Keeper”, click through!

Like I said, it was interesting to read about how different Jamie and Cersei’s sexual experience was in the books (where, as readers let me know, it was not a rape) and in the TV show (where it was quite clearly rape). It’s hard to know how to react to Jamie Lannister now – he was never a morally good character, but he’s often likable and was again this week. He enlisted Brienne to find and protect Sansa, so he could keep his oath to Catelyn even though she’s dead and it goes against Cersei’s wishes. His goodbye with Brienne was very sweet, and felt quite final. They don’t expect to see one another again.

Jamie knows Tyrion didn’t kill Joffrey, and clearly still cares about his brother’s well-being. I liked their scene together, as well as the scene with Sansa and Littlefinger. She hasn’t completely figured him out yet, but it working on it. I’ve come to really like Sansa. My favorite thing about Game of Thrones continues to be its strong female characters. Daenerys, Arya, Brienne. Sansa is getting close to joining their club, along with Maergery and Olenna.

Speaking of whom, they had some great material this week. Maergery is learning a lot about the world – that her cunning grandmother is even more cutthroat than she knew, and that she must constantly adapt to survive. She’s gone from wooing a teenaged psychopath to befriending a sweet child who could one day be her husband. The layers of manipulation here – like bonding with Tommen before his own mother can – are fantastic to watch. This is when I love GoT, when it’s like a living, breathing chess game.