WWE Monday Night RAW LIVE Results for 4/28/14: Final Build For Extreme Rules

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It’s another edition of Monday Night RAW. Daniel Bryan is back after the on screen beatdown from Kane last week. And will The Shield and Evolution finally come to blows six days before Extreme Rules? Follow along to find out.

Let Your Creepy Nightmares Begin

After a recap of last week’s events, John Cena came out with a cage surrounding the ring. Cena asked why. Why did everyone, when given a choice, put him in the situation he was in last week. He could have been in a fair fight or one with the odds stacked against him, and the fans chose the latter. He said someone once said you either die a hero, or live long enough to become the villain. He said ten years ago in this arena he was drafted to RAW and it was the loudest reaction he has ever heard. He said he’s always put the WWE fans first and he’s never given up on any of them. He said there is going to be a time where he has to step aside. Some fans cheered and Cena said he agrees with them, because he sees a great future with current stars in the WWE and on NXT. But he said Bray Wyatt is a dangerous man and not like any of them. He said when Bray Wyatt speaks its captivating. But Bray Wyatt’s passion isn’t the WWE, it is Bray Wyatt. Cena said if Bray wins this Sunday he will continue to corrupt and manipulate. Soon it will be Bray Wyatt vs The World and the world won’t have a chance.

Suddenly, a group of kids was heard singing “He’s Got The Whole World In His Hands.” When the lights came back on, there was a choir singing on the stage. The Wyatt Family appeared and he lead them down the ring singing. When the lights came on again, they were all wearing sheep mask surrounding the ring. Bray sat in his chair with a kid on his lap laughing as they went to commercial.

Why Can’t This Be Saved For Extreme Rules?

It’s The Usos vs Rybaxel for the Tag Titles. Jimmy and Curtis Axel started. Both men exchanged chops before Jimmy hit a shoulder tackle. Ryback came in. Ryback shoved Jey a bit. Ryback hit a bodyslam then missed a splash. Jimmy came in and they double teamed Ryback and sent him and Axel to the outside and hit a double dive to the outside. But one of the Usos appeared to injure his ankle as they went into break.

Back from commercial Ryback hit a splash from the second rope onto Jimmy. Jey is the one who has the ankle injury as the doctor tended to him. Curtis Axel came in and applied an armbar. Axel released the armbar but then caught Jimmy with a knee to the head. Ryback came in and hit a powerslam. Ryback put Jimmy on the turnbuckle. He tagged in Axel and they went for a double suplex. But Jimmy head butted Ryback off the apron then knocked Axel off the ropes onto Ryback. Jey got the tag and hit a crossbody off the top onto Axel. He hit a Samoan Drop on Axel then the butt splash for two. Ryback tagged in and he hit a spinebuster for two. Ryback went for the Meathook clohtesline but Jey caught him with a superkick for two. Ryback caught Jey with a clohtesline and went for Shell Shocked, but Jey countered into a roll up for two. Axel tagged in. Jimmy made a blind tag. Jey caught Ryback with a crescent kick. Axel hit a Perfect Plex on Jey, but Jimmy was the legal man and hit a splash on Axel for the win.

WINNERS And Still Tag Team Champions: The Usos

Adam Rose vignette. He will be on RAW next week.

Paul Heyman complained to Cesaro about Rob Van Dam saying what he said last week. Heyman said he is a liar, but he takes his clients to the top. Cesaro said that is all he needed to here.

They recapped last week’s Daniel Bryan/Kane segment.

And They Wonder Why Fans Hate Most Faces

Sheamus made his way to the ring but Titus O’Neil jumped him coming down the ramp. He threw Sheamus into the barricade a couple of times before throwing him into the ring. Sheamus said he was ready to start the match still. Titus landed multiple shots in the corner before the ref pulled him away. Sheamus then caught Titus with a Brogue Kick to pick up the win.

WINNER: Sheamus

A Bo Dallas promo aired.

Wolverine vs Magneto: LIVE ON RAW

Dolph Ziggler was in the ring. Ziggler said this is his favorite time of year, mostly because superheros return to the big screen. A promo aired for the new X-Men movie. Ziggler then introduced Hugh Jackman. Jackman said it was great to be back on RAW. Jackman said he’s done a lot of things in his career but RAW is always the most exciting. Ziggler said Jackman is right, anything can happen. Ziggler replayed Jackman punching him the last time he was there. Ziggler said it’s all good now.

Damien Sandow came out in a really bad Magneto costume. He said everyone fears him. He asked Wolverine if he was some kind of mutant. Sandow said tonight the two of them will meet the same fate. Jackamn complimented Sandow on his costume and asked if he did it himself. Sandow said to behold the power of magnetism because he will not say another word. Sandow tried to bring the mic in Jackman’s hand to him. Jackman sold that it was working before he threw the mic at Sandow and hit a hip toss. Ziggler then hit the ZigZag.

Paul Heyman: Also Stand Up Comedian

Paul Heyman was out. He asked why the audience didn’t like him. He told a joke: Knock Knock. Who’s There? Mike. Mike Who? Mike Lient Broke the Streak. Cesaro vs Swagger started. Cesaro hit two gut wrench suplexes then an axe handle off the top to the outside. Swagger came back on the outside then rammed Cesaro into the barricade. In the ring Swagger hit a couple clotheslines. Cesaro cameback with an uppercut but Swagger caught him with a boot. Cesaro ducked a clothesline and hit a suplex. Cesaro went off the ropes but Zeb grabbed his leg. Heyman came over and pulled on Zeb’s mustache. Swagger tried to stop him but Cesaro hit a German suplex into a pinfall for the win.

WINNER: Cesaro

Renee Young asked for Cena’s reaction to what happened earlier. He didn’t say anything and left.

Cody Rhodes vs Goldust. Both men exchanged some early offense before Del Rio caught Cody with a boot then a suplex for two. Cody came back with a bodyslam and then an armbar. Del Rio got to the ropes to break the hold then went on the attack and into a headlock. Cody escaped and caught Del Rio with a dropkick. But Del Rio came back with a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker, then a kick to the head for two. Cody fought out of a headlock. He hit a hit to the gut and went for his springboard dropkick but Del Rio caught him with a punch. Del Rio hit a kick to the head and then applied the cross armbreaker for the submission win.

WINNER: Alberto del Rio

After the match Cody shoved Goldust away when he tried to help him.

Alexander Rusev went to make quick work of Xaiver Woods, but R-Truth stopped Rusev from appying the Accolade. Both men then double teamed Rusev and knocked him off the apron.

RVD was interviewed about his match with Barrett later tonight. Zeb came in and asked RVD if he wanted to join forces to take care of Cesaro. RVD said he has a mind of his own and he doesn’t need to join up with anyone.

3MB beat Los Matadores

Once Again, I Hope Daniel Bryan Doesn’t Have A Flat Tire

Stephanie McMahon came out and asked Daniel Bryan to come out. Bryan came out with Bri. Bryan had a neckbrace on. Bryan said he almost believed that Stephanie truly wanted Kane to stop. But Bryan said everyone knows she is full of crap. Steph said she did earn that. Steph said her emotion ran a little high when they tried to stop Bryan from winning the WWE Title. Bryan asked Steph how his wife felt when he was going through all of it. Steph said she was just trying to give his Director of Operations a backbone but instead a demon came out. Steph said she knows what it is like to ride with a husband in ambulances and sit next to him in hospital beds. Steph apologized again, but Bryan says she is still full of crap. Steph asked Bryan to come down and look her in the eyes. Bryan said he knows Kane could come out at any instant and take him out. Bryan said if Kane is taking him down, Bryan is going down to hell with him. Steph said she hasn’t seen Kane all night and his mask is locked up in her office. Steph said she knows Bryan can’t compete til Sunday, but Brie can. Steph made a match of Brie vs Paige right now for the Divas Title.

They cut to a shot of the mask box in Steph’s office, but the mask was gone.

Paige vs Brie started after the break. Paige caught Brie with a kick to the gut then some stomps in the corner. Paige hit a Perfect Plex for two. Brie caught Paige with a kick to the face then a knee. Paige came back and kicked Brie on the turnbuckle then hit a superplex.

Suddenly Kane’s music hit. Bryan went to confront him on the ramp. But Kane came up from under the ring and tried dragging Brie under. Bryan tried stopping it but Kane shoved him away. Bryan went under the ring and got a wrench and hit Kane with it. Kane sat up and chokeslammed Bryan then tried dragging Brie underneath the ring again. Brie got away.

Back from break the doctor was checking on Bryan. Steph came in and apologized again. Brie told Steph to get out, YOU BITCH!

John Cena was interviewed. He said the mind games stop this Sunday. He said maybe he wil buy Bray a mule to take to the ring this Sunday. He said this Sunday Bray will have his fist in his face and his foot up his ass.

Bad News Barrett was on his podium. He said the WWE’s slogan is “Then, Now, Forever.” But Barrett said the last time RVD was relevant was during the then. He said RVD is going to be eating through a straw soon, thanks to BNB.

Bad News Barrett vs RVD. Barrett hit a few punches but RVD hit an armdrag. RVD then tossed Barrett to the outside and hit a moonsault off the apron. RVD went to a headlock back in the ring. Barrett escaped then knocked RVD to the outside and tossed him into the barricade then off the announce table. RVD went to leapfrog Barrett but Barrett caught him with a hard kick to the gut into commercial.

Barrett had a headlock applied back from break. He escaped, but RVD ran right into the winds of change for two. Barrett then hit an elbow drop off the second rope for two. Barrett hit a neckbreaker then went back to a headlock. RVD escaped and hit a kick to the chin. Cesaro came to the ring to distract RVD. Swagger pulled him down but Cesaro tossed him into the barricade. Barrett missed the Bullhammer Elbow. RVD hit another kick followed by Rolling Thunder. RVD went for the Frog Splash. Cesaro came on the apron but RVD knocked him off. Barrett got his knees up on the Frog Splash, then hit the Bullhammer Elbow for the win.

WINNER: Bad News Barrett

After the match Cesaro attacked RVD. Swagger then took out Cesaro. RVD took out Swagger, then hit the Five Star Frog Splash on Cesaro.

And Randy Orton In Pants Ends After One Week

Evolution cut a promo. HHH said The Shield took out 11 guys Friday, and he should be mad. But he’s impressed because it reminded him of them. But Orton and Batista said the problem is Evolution is still around. HHH said Sunday they will have to adopt or perish. Before the match started, Ric Flair made his way to the ring. Flair said he’s never been surrounded by such dominance. He’s been on the road with the Horsemen and he remembers the days with Evolution. But he’s never seen such dominance and grace in the ring like he has with The Shield. He shook their hands and left.

The match started after Flair left. Orton tossed Reigns to the outside. Orton tried hitting a suplex but Reigns ended up hitting one of his own. Orton ended up reversing Reigns and tossing him into the steps. Reigns started a comeback after escaping a DDT. He hit his apron dropkick. Batista distracted the ref and HHH pulled Reigns leg. Orton hit a backbreaker. Ambrose and Rollins jumped HHH and Batista. HHH tossed Ambrose over the table and Rollins into the barricade. Reigns hit the Superman Punch then went after HHH and Batista. The Shield gained the upper hand. HHH hit a Spinebuster on Amborse then through Rollins into the post. The Evolution beatdown continued in the ring until Rollins hit a springboard knee into HHH. They took out Batista and Orton. Reigns speared HHH and they set up the triple powerbomb. Batista and Orton came in with chairs but were taken out. This allowed HHH to escape as The Shield stood tall to close the show.


Cena/Wyatt Opening Segment: That was one of the better opening segments in recent memory. Just when you think Bray Wyatt couldn’t get any creepier, we get that. I thought it was well done and the sheep mask were the perfect touch to the segment. But part of me also fears that Cena may be winning on Sunday now too.

Ziggler/Sandow/Jackman Segment: I thought it was a good comedy segment. Look, Sandow is already buried as much as possible. It isn’t like that segment hurt him at all. It was good for a laugh and was a smart way to use a celebrity on the show. And Jackman looked to be having a good time. It helps he is a wrestling fan.

Daniel Bryan/Kane Segment: It was pretty much horror movie 101 stuff, but it did its job. The WWE has done a good job of building Kane back up into a threat leading up to the Title match. And they built up Bryan even more sympathy going into the match, which I thought wasn’t possible.

Shield/Evolution Build: If it wasn’t for the crowd having no life, this would have had more heat to it at the end. I’m expecting this match to main event Sunday. With The Shield standing tall it might lead some to believe Evolution goes over. If the feud is continuing I have no problem with that. The match should be good regardless. This program has helped elevate The Shield even more. They are all going to be big stars in the future.


Tag Title Match: I didn’t have a problem with the match itself. I had a problem with the match taking place on RAW  instead of Extreme Rules. Why not have the Tag Titles defended on that show instead of RAW?

Barrett/RVD: Once again, as big of a RVD fan as I am, he just is not in the best shape right now. His matches the last two weeks have been subpar. Barrett getting the win was the right move, but the match just dragged and had a lot of rest holds in it. Maybe putting RVD in the triple threat is a smart move since he won’t be required to do all the work.

Sheamus/Titus O’Neil: And the WWE wonders why the crowd gets fed up with the mid-card sometimes. It is because they don’t build anyone up. Here’s Titus O’Neil trying to make a statement, but he ends up eating a Brogue Kick and is done just like that. It was a dumb segment and one that hurts people like Titus O’Neil.

I thought the show did a good job of building up the top matches at Extreme Rules. That’s a plus leading into a PPV, or “special event” if that is what we are calling it. But the show also lacked quality in ring action which made it tough to watch at times. I’m going to give the show a because of it.

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