ShoBox “The Moment” (Mayweather vs. Maidana) – Amir Kahn vs. Luis Collazo – Live Play by Play, Results

Hey fight fans … we’ll be having live coverage of tonight’s triple stacked card on Showtime PPV, headlined by Floyd Mayweather vs. Marcos Maidana.  All three cards will have a separate post and play by play, for easier viewing.  And we’ll be covering it all live, so bookmark this and stay tuned.

And here we go!

Round 1: Collazo is looking to tap that chin as Khan is staying behind his gloves at all times. He’s keeping his hands down and Collazo is looking to throw something big at him. Khan is throwing but isn’t leaving any part of his face exposed. Khan with a pair of nice right hands midway through the round. Collazo catches him with a nice right near the minute mark as Collazo is starting to sneak things through Khan’s defense. Khan is circling to his right the entire round and Collazo hasn’t landed anything huge with that left, interesting enough. Khan is working that right effectively. 10-9 Khan

Round 2: Khan is starting to tag Collazo more with that right and he lands a beautiful combination at the minute mark. Khan is sticking and moving right now as Khan is doing an awful lot of holding this round. He then grabs a headlock and nearly noogies him halfway. Khan is throwing some big shots right now, and landing them, as Collazo is eating a lot of punishment. Khan looks exceptional right now. Collazo with some impressive bodywork as the round ends. 10-9 Khan, 20-18

Round 3: Khan comes out and he’s doing the same thing this round. Moving right, landing with his right and avoiding Collazo’s shots. He’s also holding like crazy but so far not being penalized for it. Khan is beating him to the punch all round as he’s landing a lot but not eating a ton flush. 10-9 Khan, 30-27

Round 4: Wild exchange to start the round and Collazo gets knocked down. Looked kind of like a push. Khan is all over him after the standing 8 as he smells blood. Landing some nice shots, too. Collazo doesn’t look like he was knocked, and isn’t fighting like it, but Khan is landing some nice combinations. Collazo is eating a ton of punishment right now. Collazo is dropping his hands at his hips and Khan is landing flush. Collazo is just walking through them right now. 10-8 Khan, 40-35

Round 5: Collazo puts his head down and charges in as both guys are getting dirty right now. Khan is working that counter game some more as this is starting to get a lot dirty. Collazo has his hands down and is eating flush punches but Khan doesn’t have enough power to put him down. Collazo is throwing wild, trying to get Khan to brawl but Khan is fighting smart right now. He’s not taking the bait. 10-9 Khan, 50-44

Round 6: More of the same this round as Khan is sticking and moving, landing that right as Collazo is just leaving his hands low and walking through punishment. Khan is lighting Collazo up right now but not doing a ton of damage; Collazo is throwing but he’s only landing punches that don’t hit much but arms. Close round but Khan still did more. Khan 10-9, 60-53

Round 7: Collazo is more active to start as Khan is repeating what has worked well so far this fight. Collazo isn’t cutting off the ring in any meaningful way and Khan is out working him in every aspect. Collazo is landing more than he did earlier in the fight … but Khan is landing cleaner and more emphatically. Khanis outworking hi as Collazo is trying to taunt Khan into a firefight .. and Khan is just casually ignoring all this and making easy work of him. 10-9 Khan, 70-62

Round 8: Collazo nut shots Khan to start the round and loses a point for it. Khan takes some time to recover and we’re back to a more spirited version of what we just saw last round. Khan is letting his hands go a little more, and getting into extended firefights, but he’s still making Collazo move, eat shots and land nothing but arm shots. Body shots and Khan gets a hard warning for dirty work. Collazo is starting to turn it on and look better. Kahn is fading right now. Khan loses a point for it. Khan comes out and lands some big shots after the point deduction. Khan 9-8, 79-70

Round 9: Collazo comes out and lands a couple of solid shots but Khan is going back to what has worked so far; fighting dirty, sticking, moving and making Collazo chase him. He’s doing just enough to win right now as Collazo is throwing some nice shots. Collazo would’ve done some damage if he could land flush but Khan is fighting smart right now. Collazo may be throwing more but he’s not landing clean. Khan is. 10-9 Khan, 89-79

Round 10: Collazo is stalking, looking for a big KO punch right now. He knows he’s down and as such is looking for a hail mary. Khan is sticking, moving and grinding out the round right now. He’s working behind that jab and lands a beautiful combination halfway through the round. Beautiful body work as he moves up and down wonderfully, Collazo eating a lot of punishment. Collazo goes down again and he takes a 9. Khan is looking for the finish and Collazo down AGAIN! Another 8 and that looked like a shove. Khan is working the body as Collazo is trying to survive right now. Collazo eats a ton of punishment against the ropes as the round ends. Khan 10-7, 99-86

Round 11: Collazo complains about something again but nothing from the ref. Khan is covering up and playing some defense again. Khan may have gassed himself at the end of 10th. some nice combinations as Khan is throwing and then covering up deep, letting Collazo land against his arms. Collazo wants a war and Khan isn’t giving it to him. Not much action this round as Khan is doing just enough to win it. Collazo isn’t letting him, though, as he’s staying busier. Collazo is head hunting but Khan isn’t doing much. Collazo, almost by default. 10-9 Collazo, 108-95

Round 12: Khan takes a huge nut shot to start the round, flopping down hilariously, as both guys get warned. Collazo for landing low and Khan for pulling on the back of the head. No point deduction this time. Khan is riding this round out as Collazo is looking for a big knockout. Apparently getting hit in the nuts woke something up as Khan is getting more active. Khan spends the final minute staying away, killing as much time as he can. 10-9 Collazo, 117-105

Official decision: Amir Khan via unanimous decision (117-106, 119-104×2)

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