ShoBox “The Moment” (Mayweather vs. Maidana) – Floyd Mayweather Jr vs. Marcos Maidana – Live Play by Play, Results

Hey fight fans … we’ll be having live coverage of tonight’s triple stacked card on Showtime PPV, headlined by Floyd Mayweather vs. Marcos Maidana.  All three cards will have a separate post and play by play, for easier viewing.  And we’ll be covering it all live, so bookmark this and stay tuned.

Alright folks … time for the main event. The pomp and circumstance is starting. Tyrese Gibson will be singing the national anthem of the U.S, it seems. It’s Cinco de Mayo, as well, so there’s some fans who need to be riled up with patriotic fervor. Maidana is from Argentina, though, which makes it kind of odd.

Tyrese Gibson can sing, it seems. Man of many talents, it seems.

Lil Wayne raps Floyd down, Justin Bieber is in his posse as well.

Round 1: Floyd comes out looking to counter as Maidana is his usual aggressive self. Floyd is a little more aggressive than normal but he’s using movement masterfully as always. Mayweather isn’t throwing a ton, ala Broner, but he’s using his jab to line up with the angles. He explodes into a nice combination as Maidana gets the clinch halfway through the round, hitting the body. Maidana is looking for that left hookas he’s all over Floyd right now. He’s looking for that one shot kill off the left but Floyd is ducking it. He’s eating a ton right now, though, as Floyd’s getting roughed up. He’s landing small shots but Maidana is throwing a ton of punches. Floyd is trying to counter but Maidana is keeping him so close it’s turning into a firefight. Floyd uses movement to get out and Maidana nutshots him late. Floyd casually shrugs it off and we’re at round’s end. 10-9 Maidana

Round 2: The key now becomes whether or not Maidana has emptied his gas tank. That flurry in the first could’ve emptied that gas tank. Floyd is on the aggressive path this round, using his speed as Mayweather is landing a lot. He’s using movement to keep away from that left hook as Maidana is looking to make this a phone booth fight. He’s using lateral movement to trap Floyd as he’s working the body impressively. He’s clubbing Floyd. I haven’t seen him take this sort of beating in YEARS. Maidana is working that left hook as Floyd has eaten a lot of punishment. With a minute left Maidana is pressing him against the ropes some more. He’s fighting brilliantly right now. 10-9 Maidana, 20-18

Round 3: Maidana comes out and presses Floyd against the ropes some more. Floyd circles his way out but Maidana has found a pattern here. He’s using lateral movement to get Floyd against the ropes and is not allowing him to work at distance. He’s been lighting up the body to set up that left hook, as well. Floyd is starting to find his rhythm right now as he’s escaping more effectively when he’s captured against the ropes. Maidana gets a quick warning as he’s dirtying it up right now. Maidana is lancing Mayweather right now; Floyd’s either playing rope a dope or something’s wrong. He’s taking a TON of punishment and Maidana isn’t scared of the moment right now. Maidana is getting him against the ropes and making him pay. With a minute left Floyd presses but Maidana is bringing out the brawl in Floyd. He’s working that phone booth game against the ropes spectacularly right now. Closer … but Maidana wins another close one. 10-9 Maidana, 30-27

I could see it 29-28 for Floyd right now.

Round 4: Floyd comes out using movement again as Maidana’s game plan is coming into focus. Get Floyd against the ropes, rough him up and fight dirty at all times. Floyd is starting to turn it on right now as Floyd is starting to throw and land more. Maidana is landing more but Floyd is landing a higher percentage of his punches so far. Maidana is looking to work that game against the ropes as Floyd is starting to figure his movement out. Maidana is starting to work the clinch and Floyd is finding ways to get out. Floyd’s starting to work the body more as the round ends. Maidana with a wild flurry to end the round. 10-9 Mayweather, 39-37 Maidana

Round 5: Floyd’s cut for the first time in his career off an accidental headbutt. Floyd’s starting to turn it on as he’s dominating the position game now. Maidana is missing and not able to get Floyd into small spaces. Floyd is shoulder rolling his way out and landing a lot of punishment on Maidana right now. Maidana with the tie up and nearly lands a knee. He really wants this a brawl and Floyd is starting to style on him. Floyd is working his jab and combinations effectively now; Maidana is swinging wildly but isn’t doing enough to make this a small space brawl. 10-9 Mayweather, 48-47 Maidana

Round 6: Maidana gets him into the ropes for some phone booth brawling for the first minute as Maidana is doing a great job at making this a brawl. Mayweather has landed some uppercuts but Maidana has walked through them. Maidana’s ability to make this a brawl is effective so far; FLoyd is looking good when he’s not against the ring but Maidana has done an excellent job this round from keeping him out of the center of the ring. That’s where Floyd’s winning this fight; everywhere else it’s Maidana. 10-9 Maidana, 58-56

Round 7: Maidana gets Floyd against the ropes early but Floyd punches his way out. Floyd gets back to the center and he’s looking to stay there. Maidana knows this is close and isn’t fighting desperately. He manages to get Floyd against the ropes again as he’s throwing that left hook. FLoyd’s playing defense better against the ropes … but Maidana is looking for head shots. He’s not working the body as much as he was earlier. Floyd’s using it to escape. Floyd with a pair of left hooks at the minute mark. Maidana is starting to work that body more as Floyd is adjusting to his head hunting. 10-9 Mayweather, 67-66 Maidana

Round 8: Maidana comes out working the body more against the ropes. Maidana’s got some energy as he’s abusing Floyd against the ropes. This is smart for him; he’s winning this fight working the body and then moving up. Floyd takes another nut shot at the minute mark but he’s ok after a moment. Floyd’s starting to make him work more; Maidana’s last low blow and warning has also made him weary of throwing to the body somewhat. He keeps managing to hit Floyd in the nuts and Floyd is taking advantage of this. He’s on the attack but Floyd is starting to turn it on. 10-9 Mayweather, 76-76

Round 9: Floyd has started to figure out Maidana’s path right now and is using his movement to counter Maidana’s bull rushing style. He’s keeping it towards the center, using the jab to keep him at bay. Floyd is starting to land better, and cleaner, shots. Maidana is missing more and unable to keep Floyd against the ropes. He’s using his footwork to get out of the corner as Maidana’s movement is something Floyd is getting down. FLoyd is starting to land almost at will. It’s starting to click now for him with a minute left in the 9th. Mayweather is in control right now. 10-9 Floyd, 86-85

Round 10: Maidana wants FLoyd against the ropes again and Floyd knows it. Floyd is starting to dance and jab around him, Maidana looking for a spurt to get him against the ropes. Floyd’s starting to land some nice combinations. Maidana’s pressure isn’t nearly as great as it was eaelier. He’s still charging ahead, though, and taunts Floyd to get him to fight. Floyd is grabbing a lot and holding as soon as Maidana gets closer to the ropes though. Another close round and I think Maidana did just enough against the ropes to take it. 10-9 Maidana, 95-95

Round 11: Floyd is starting to turn it on right now as Floyd is starting to throw some big shots. He’s trying to goad Maidana into something stupid but he won’t bite. Maidana goes back to working Floyd against the cage and Floyd works his way out. Both guys have slowed down this round, Maidana more appreciably, as Maidana gets him against the ropes in the final minute to rough him up. He’s landing some big head shots against the ropes on Floyd. Floyd is holding and trying to get the ref to help him get some space but Maidana is on him. They get angled up and nearly fall through the ropes, caused by Mayweather’s hold. 10-9 Maidana, 105-104 Maidana

This is the most meaningful round of Floyd’s career right now.

Round 12: Maidana is going back to his stock, bullying him against the ropes, as Floyd wants to keep this in the middle of the ring. Maidana is staying there in the opening minute as they’re throwing wildly right now. Floyd is trying to get out from the ropes at the halfway mark but Maidana is doing a near perfect job at keeping him there. Maidana is not letting Floyd out as Floyd is getting trapped against the ropes all round with movement. Maidana is throwing at the body as Floyd is throwing some beautiful rights. Counter right from Floyd with 10 seconds left. 10-9 Maidana, 115-113

I can see draw or 115-113 the other way. Completely unsure of the score right now

Official decision: Mayweather via majority decision (114-114, 117-111, 116-112)

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