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Join us here for the live coverage of WWE Extreme Rules 2014 starting at 8 PM EST.

The pre-show match starts up at 7:30 PM EST.

Welcome to WWE Extreme Rules 2014!

WWE Extreme Rules 2014

We’re live in the Izod Center in East Rutherford, New Jersey.  The kickoff panel is Josh Matthews, Booker T, Sheamus, and Alex Riley.  There is announce team that is consisting of short people and a short announcer. Wow…


El Torito vs. Hornswoggle

Oh and there’s a short referee too. They throw punches.  Horny goes for a kick and misses, El torito hits a hurricanrana that took Horny outside.  He does a suicide dive that takes out the other 3MB.  Horny goes in and tries to go throw the rope, but bounces off of it.  El Torito grabs a steel chair and slides back in.  El Torito sets up a chair, jumps off of it, rests his head on the top rope, and comes back down in a bronco buster.  Jinder runs in, but takes an inadvertent shot to the groin.  Horny sets up a step ladder, but throws it out for a biger ladder. Still only like four feet tall.  Horny climbs, Torito taunts him, Horny jumps off and misses.  Torito goes for a pinfall, but gets a two count.  I guess this TLC match is pinfall. And now…


We’re back and 3MB and Los Matadores are going at it.  Horny throws Torito into the ring.  Horny goes in and hits Torito with a little ladder.  He set it up, jumps off of it onto Torito’s chest.  He lays the chair on Torito, rolls on his side, and hits a rolling thunder.  He gets a two count.  They go outside.  Horny takes down the small announce table, sets Torito on it, and jumps off the apron onto Torito.  The crowd is chanting ‘This is awesome.’  They go back in and Horny instructs 3MB to set up a chair and table.  Horny hits Torito with a chair.  Heath holds Torito in the ropes, but Torito moves and Horny hits Slater knocking him off the apron through some mini-tables.  Torito and Horny are on the ladder, but Matadores get on the apron, hold up Jinder, and Torito jumps on them through some mini-tables and ladders on the outside of the ring.  Horny sets up Torito on a normal sized table, but Torito moves and Drew McIntyre jumps over the rope through the empty table.  They go back in and Torito hits a springboard move onto Hornswoggle through a table for the three count.

Winner:  El Torito

Zeb is in the back and says that RVD is apathy and that Cesaro and Heyman are slimebags.  Colter says that Swagger is the third slice of pie that is The Real American.  He tells everyone to put their hand over their heart and say ‘We The People.’

They show a video package for Shield vs. Evolution.

Now it’s time for the actual show.

Triple Threat Elimination Match

Rob Van Dam vs. Jack Swagger vs. Cesaro

Heyman comes out before Cesaro and says that tonight’s show is a testament that he is the biggest visionary in the world of WWE.  He says that WWE only gets it right one night of year on the the night that the tribe of extreme comes together.  He says that Brock Lesnar conquered the streak at WrestleMania.  The 11th commandment of Extreme is that thou shalt not boo Paul Heyman.  He says that they must worship The King of Swing, The Swiss Superman, Cesaro!

The bell rings.  They each trade punches and uppercuts.  RVD hits punches on both, but they take him down.  Cesaro starts hitting uppercuts with Swagger on the ropes.  Swagger hits a belly-to-belly suplex to Cesaro.  RVD hits a springboard back kick to Swagger. RVD hits a monkey flip throwing Cesaro onto Swagger.  RVD hits strikes to Swager in the corner.  Goes for crossbody off the top, but Cesaro catches him.  Swagger knocks them down and gets a two count on Cesaro.  Swagger rolls in RVD.  He hits some knees to the gut of RVD.  RVD propells Swagger over the top rope.  Cesaro rams RVD’s gut from the apron, flips RVD over his back who then Powerbombs Cesaro onto the mats outside.  Swagger hits a big clothesline to RVD.  Swagger rolls RVD back in and gets a two count.  Swagger hits a wheelbarrow suplex on RVD for two.  RVD rolls out, but Swagger pulls him to the apron, back in and suplexes him.  Swagger hits the Swagger bomb for two.  Cesaro hits a spinebuster and goes for the Cesaro Swing.  RVD hits a swinging kick that stops it and the crowd isn’t happy.  RVD gets a two count.  RVD gets up top, but Swagger jumps up the rope and belly-to-belly suplexes RVD off and locks in The Patriot Lock.  Cesaro springboards off the second rope and hits Swagger with the uppercut.  Swagger climbs up top, but Cesaro hits an uppercut.  Cesaro hits a suplex picking Swagger up from the apron over the top rope from the turnbuckle to the ring.  RVD hits a five star frog splash to eliminate Swagger.

Cesaro hits a few suplexes on RVD and gets a two.  RVD bounces over Cesaro, goes for the dragonlair, but Cesaro catches him and hits a nasty German suplex for a two count.  RVD rolls out, Cesaro hits a axe handle from the second rope onto RVD.  Cesaro slings RVD into the barricade.  He climbs the wall, but RVD pulls out is leg, punches him some as he’s prone over the wall.  RVD taunts from the apron and hits the draping leg onto the back of Cesaro.  The crowd chants ECDub.  RVD goes into the ring, does the R-V-D taunt and hits the Rolling Thunder on Cesaro.  RVD ascends the top rope, hits a split-leg moonsault for a two count.  Heyman tells Cesaro to pull through this.  RVD goes under the ring and pulls out a trash can.  I guess this is No DQ then.  Cesaro hits a baseball slide knocking the can into RVD.  Cesaro comes out, picks up RVD, and rolls RVD back in.  Cesaro throws the can in, and goes to hit RVD with it, but gets rolled up.  RVD hits the Van Terminator with the trash can.  RVD lays the can on Cesaro, goes for the frog splash, but Cesaro moves leaving the can.  He lands on the can, Cesaro picks him up for The Neutralizer, and gets the three count.

Winner:  Cesaro

Daniel Bryan is being examinated when Stephanie McMahon comes in.  She says she’s in charge of making sure Bryan is in shape to compete.  She says she can’t control Kane and that she is afraid for him and his wife and mother.  Stephanie says that Bryan doesn’t have to compete tonight.  She says he can surrender the title.  Bryan tells her to get out of his face.  He says he’s walking in the champ and he’s going to walk out the same way somehow.  Stephanie says that she thinks he won’t be walking out champ, but rather Kane’s bitch. Whoa!

A Bo Dallas promo shows.

Lana is out to introduce Alexander Rusev.  She speaks in Russian for a second before she says that they dedicate this match to the most powerful man.  Tonight they dedicate this match to the man they respect more than anyone else, The President of Russia Vladimir Putin.  She says that Rusev now resides in Russia.  Out comes Alexander Rusev.

Handicap Match

Alexander Rusev vs. R-Truth & Xavier Woods

Truth says he dedicates this match to USA.  Rusev jumps both of them outside.  He throws Truth into the barricade, goes under the ring, and throws Woods’ head into the steel under the ring.  He throws Truth in the ring and belly-to-belly suplexes Woods on the outside.  He goes inside, but the referee stops him and the match starts.  Rusev hits some big strikes to Truth.  Rusev slams his feet and hits a shoulderblock on Truth in the corner.  He tries again, but Truth blocks it and hits some slaps to Rusev.  He hits a spinning kick to the jaw of Rusev, hits a big splash on him in the corner.  Truth says what’s up and hits the spinning leg scissors for a two count.  Truth goes for the Little Jimmy, but Rusev catches him.  Goes for the Samoan Drop, but Truth escapes and gets hit with a huge spinning kick.  Rusev hits a big suplex and locks in The Accolade for the tap out.  Woods was being looked at by WWE doctors on the outside during the match.

Winner:  Alexander Rusev

Rusev goes after Woods and hits a nasty Fall-Away Slam on Woods on the outside of the ring.

We get a commercial for Juicy Drop Taffy.  They make an announcement that they are supporters of the special Olympics and wish them congratulations.

Renee Young is in the back with Evolution.  HHH says Shield thinks their egos are going to stop them from working together.  HHH says their egos are well deserved as they have had 31 Championships.  HHH says Batista is the move devastating force to hit the ring.  HHH says Orton is the most naturally gifted athlete to ever enter the squared circle.  HHH says he’s The Cerebral Assassin.  Orton says you either cherish or perish, and Shield will perish.  Batista looks on ominously.

Intercontinental Championship

Big E (c) vs. Bad News Barrett

Barrett says he has some bad news.  He says that everyone will be struck down with a debilitating sickness, but it pales in comparison to the embarrassment that Big E will feel after losing.

Wade gets the audience clapping for him.  Big E show shows his agility before hitting a shoulderblock.  Wade rolls out to collect himself.  Wade pulls him out, but Big E slams Wade’s head into the pole before ramming into the pole.  Big E goes in but gets hit with a kick from Wade that knocks him to the floor.  Wade hits a running elbow off the apron onto Big E.  Wade goes for the pinfall back in the ring, but gets a one count.  Wade hits on Big E’s head.  Big E blocks a suplex with one of his own.  Wade hits a weird suplex by bouncing off the top rope before hitting a normal suplex.  Barrett locks in a headlock before Big E breaks out.  Wade hits a crossbody for a two count.  Wade hits a big boot to the face.  He stomps away on Big E and hits some more strikes.  He chokes Big E in the rope using his knee.  Wade hits some knees to the face of Big E while he’s tied up in the ropes before hitting a big boot.  Wade sets up Big E on the top rope and strikes away.  He taunts before running into a belly-to-belly suplex.  Lots of those tonight I guess.  Big E hits some clotheslines before hitting yet another belly-to-belly suplex.  He rams Wade in the corner twice.  Wade rolls out onto the apron.  Big E tries for a suplex, but Wade fights out.  Big E spears Wade through the ropes and onto the outside!  They go back in and Big E gets a two count.  Big E goes for a splash, but Wade hits a Winds of Change for two!  Wade stomps away on Big E.  Wade picks him up and dodges a spear in the corner by Big E.  Wade hits The Wasteland for a two count.  Barrett sets up the elbow, but Big E hits a one arm slam for a two count.  Big E hits a big splash, and the straps are coming down.  Big E sets up the Big Ending, but Wade fights out.  He goes for the Bull Hammer, Big E ducks and runs off the ropes and eats a nasty running Bull Hammer for the three count!

Winner (and NEW Intercontinental Champion):  Bad News Barrett

They show a video package for Adam Rose who is coming tomorrow night.

Shield vs. Evolution is up next.

Six Man Tag Team Match

The Shield vs. Evolution

The two teams face off.  Then they collide and mayhem ensues!  Evolution is cleared from the ring by The Shield.  HHH slides in, but is taken down by Rollins.  The match starts officially.  Rollins continues hitting punches to HHH.  Rollins his a one legged drop kick before hitting a big splash on HHH in the corner.  He clotheslines HHH over the top rope before hitting a suicide dive onto him.  They go back in and HHH hits a wicked clothesline.  HHH tags out to Batista.  He whips Rollins hard into the corner.  He rams Rollins in their corner before the referee moves him back.  Orton tags in and tells the ref to pay attention to the other two Shield members.  Orton stomps on Rollins.  Orton catapults Rollins’ neck into the bottom rope.  HHH tags in and hits some strikes to Rollins.  HHH hits a facebuster before tagging in Batista.  Batista lays Rollins over the apron and hits some chest clubs and a big boot.  Orton comes in and stomps on Rollins.  Orton hits a suplex onto the top rope.  He pulls Rollins off of it and gets a two count.  Orton locks in a headlock.  Rollins fights up and hits a back body drop.  Both men are down and they are crawling to their corners.  HHH and Batista jump Ambrose and Reigns preventing the tag.  Orton pulls Rollins to his feet accidentally and Rollins hits an enzuigiri.  Rollins tags out to Ambrose.  Ambrose hits some flurry punches.  Ambrose pushes Batista off the apron.  Ambrose clocks Orton and locks in the Figure 4 Leg Lock.  Mayhem starts to unload as HHH breaks it up.  Reigns on the outside tries to spear HHH, but he moves allowing him to run into the steel steps.  Evolution starts triple teaming Ambrose.  Batista is the legal man and he kicks out Ambrose.  HHH slams Ambrose’s head off the apron and slides Ambrose back in.  Batista hits a clothesline for two and tags in Orton.  Orton whips Ambrose into the corner and hits a clothesline as he bounces off the turnbuckle.  Orton locks in the headlock.  Ambrose starts freaking out and breaks out.  Orton hits a drop kick for a two count.  Orton tags out and HHH hits a nasty right hand to Ambrose’s jaw.  HHH starts hitting strikes on Ambrose in the corner.  HHH hits a spinebuster for two.  Batista tags in and kicks Ambrose in the gut.  Batista hits a running elbow and locks in a sleeper hold.  Ambrose fights up and hits a great jawbreaker.  Batista hits a big boot to floor him.

HHH tags in and slowly walks around taunting Shield.  HHH sets up the Pedigree, but Ambrose reverses and hits a nice DDT.  Ambrose rolls toward the corner and in comes Reigns.  He hits the superman punch to Batista and Orton.  Reigns clotheslines Orton over.  Hits the big boot to Batista who is on the second rope.  The Shield sets up for the Triple Powerbomb, hit it, cover on the legal man of Batista, but HHH pulls him out and Orton and HHH waylay on Reigns.  Rollins goes for a big suicide flip, but HHH dodges.  HHH comes back in and hits The Pedigree on Reigns.  Ambrose takes out HHH and Batista covers for a two count!  Orton hits the RKO on Reigns, Batista covers, but Rollins saves it.  Rollins and Orton fight outside.  HHH and Orton take advantage of Rollins, but Ambrose runs across the announce tables and lunges onto Orton and HHH.  HHH and Rollins fight into the crowd and HHH throws Rollins over some guardrails.  Meanwhile Reigns and Batista are sleeping in the ring.  Orton and Ambrose are fighting all over the place.  Ambrose is knocked down some stairs by Orton and HHH.  The two men go down the steps and they throw Ambrose into the concrete wall and into the guardrail.  They pound away on Ambrose.  Rollins jumps from the top of the exit and lands on HHH and Orton.  Batista hits the spinebuster and sets up the Powerbomb.  Reigns reverses and hits the Superman Punch.  He sets up the spear, hit it, and hits the 1-2-3 on Batista!

Winner:  The Shield

Up next is John Cena vs. Bray Wyatt.

Steel Cage Match

John Cena vs. Bray Wyatt

Bray whispers things to Rowan and Harper who are on the outside of the cage.  Bray steps inside.  Bray is laughing at Cena and asks Cena if this is what he wanted.  Cena locks in a headlock on Bray.  Bray throws him off and hits a shoulderblock.  They go off the ropes and Cena leapfrogs Bray, but Bray hits him over the head.  Bray hits Cena with a throat thrust.  Bray starts beating on Cena in the corner.  Cole keeps calling Bray a con artist.  Bray’s whip gets reversed and Cena hits a suplex.  Cena climbs the cage, but Rowan and Harper walk over to where he is.  He stops, looks at them, eats a clothesline by Bray.  Cena is helped up and thrown into the cage.  Cena fights back, but to no avail as he is flung back into the cage.  Wyatt hits a big punch knocking Cena back down.  Wyatt pushes Cena’s face into the cage.  Rowan runs into the cage hitting Cena on the other side.  The crowd starts singing as Bray leads them.  Bray splashes Cena into the cage wall.  The door opens, Bray tries to leave, but Cena drags him back in and catapults him into the cage wall.  Cena starts climbing as Harper and Rowan are there.  Bray catches him on the other side and pulls him back in.  They trade punches standing on the top rope, but Bray falls.  Cena starts climbing up to the top, Bray pursues and hits some punches and headbutts.  Cena knocks him down again, but Bray crotches him on the top turnbuckle.  Cena falls down reverse in the tree of woe.  Bray splashes him in the corner.  Bray starts dancing with John Cena!  He then hits a one arm slam similar to a Rock Bottom.  The crowd sings again.  Cena goes for the AA, but Wyatt reverses.  Cena knocks down Bray and tries to climb.  Bray crab walks over to the door causing Cena to come down.  Bray comes off the rope and hits a shoulderblock.  He flings Cena into the cage.  And again.  Tries again, but Cena reverses throwing Bray into the cage.  Cena starts hitting the 5 moves of Doom.  Sets up the Five Knuckle Shuffle and goes for AA, but Bray grabs the rope and climbs up the cage, Cena hits a sitting powerbomb for a two count!  Cena motions for the door to open, but Rowan closes the door.  Cena steps onto the apron and is trying to force the door open and succeeds until Harper comes to help.  Cena powers up, but Bray splashes him.  They slam the door in his face.  Wyatt hits a slam for a two count.  Bray sets up the running senton, but misses.  Cena scales the cage, but Rowan forces Cena back up into the cage!  Bray climbs up and they trade punches.  Cena hits a bulldog off the top rope.  Cena tries climbing up again, but Harper gets on top of the cage and punches Cena back in.  Cena drags Harper into the cage.  Cena drops Harper and climbs over the cage.  Bray climbs through the door, but Cena slams the door on him.  Rowan hits the door with a steel chair to stop Cena from using it to get down.  Cena is back in and is flung across the ring for a two count.  He goes for the Sister Abigail, but Cena reverses into the STF.  They drag to the door and Bray uses the rope to choke Cena.  Rowan and Cena are playing tug of war with Bray’s body at the door.  Cena wins and flings Harper into the cage.  Bray gives Cena the same treatment.

Bray starts climbing, but Cena stops him.  They trade blows and Cena hits the AA off the top rope!  Cena covers Bray, but Harper breaks it up.  Cena hits a big clothesline knocking Harper down.  Cena goes to climb and Rowan walks over to intercept again.  Rowan climbs the cage and punches Cena back into the cage.  Cena uses the beard to slam Rowan’s head into the top of the cage.  Cena hits the flying leg drop on Harper.  Rowan is left on top of the cage.  Cena crawls to the door, but the lights go out!  There’s a distorted voice of a child singing ‘He’s got the whole world.’  Cena freaks out and Bray hits the Sister Abigail.  Suddenly all of the Family is up.  Bray steps out of the door for the win and thanks the young boy for his wonderful demented singing.

Winner:  Bray Wyatt

Next up is the Divas Championship match.

Divas Championship

Paige (c) vs. Tamina Snuka

They lock up.  Tamina powers out.  Paige is viciously attacking Tamina and stomps away on Tamina in the corner.  Paige evades Tamina before hitting a dropkick.  Tamina whips her into the corner, gets set up in the electric chair position on Tamina but rolls through for a two.  Paige hits some knees on Tamina from the apron.  She ascends the turnbuckle, but is knocked down by Tamina with a superkick.  Tamina climbs in and pins her for two.  Tamina whips Paige into the corner.  Tamina scoop slams Paige.  And again.  They trade blows, but Paige gets angry and rams Tamina out of the ring.  Paige goes for a hurricanrana, but Tamina catches her and flings her into the barricade.  Tamina throws Paige back in and goes up top with Paige on her shoulders, but Paige reverse and powerbombs Tamina.  Paige pins her for a two.  Paige stomps on Tamina and gets a two count.  Tamina hits a unique slam for a two count.  Tamina goes for the superkick but Paige reverses into the Scorpion Crosslock for the tap out.

Winner (and STILL Divas Champion):  Paige

Daniel Bryan vs. Kane is up next!

It flashes to backstage where Bray thanks ‘Little Johnny’ and says they can no longer be ignored.  Bray says that everyone will join us.  Little Johnny says they will all Follow The Buzzards.

WWE World Heavyweight Championship Extreme Rules Match

Daniel Bryan (c) vs. Kane

Daniel Bryan charges Kane on the rampway and the match starts there.  Kane flings Bryan into the guardrail along the ramp.  Kane slams Bryan’s head on the apron.  Kane pulls out a kendo stick.  He smacks Bryan with it, but Bryan fights back and they exchange punches through the ropes.  Kane ascends but eats a running kick from Bryan.  Bryan climbs up and hits a super hurricanrana.  Bryan hits a running knee into the corner and then takes Kane over the top rope with him.  Kane picks up Bryan and kicks him in the gut.  Kane throws Bryan into the barricade and grabs a chair.  He picks up Bryan and body slams him on the chair on the top of the barricade. That was innovative!  Kane throws a chair but it bounces off of the top rope, but he flings it into the ring as well as another one.  Kane lodges one chair between the top two ropes.  Bryan waits on the outside and smacks Kane with the kendo stick.  Bryan comes off the top with the stick, but Kane throat thrusts him.  Kane hits Bryan in the gut and back with the chair before setting it up normal.  Kane hits a sidewalk slam onto the chair and it crumbles.  Kane gets a two count.

Kane sets up the Chokeslam but Bryan dodges and drop toe holds Kane into the chair lodged in the turnbuckle.  Bryan hits a big Missile Drop Kick from the top rope.  Bryan hits a suicide dive onto cane and the crowd has erupted.  Bryan hits Kane with the top part of the announce table.  Bryan hits Kane with the other top.  Kane stops him and whacks him with the table top.  Kane clears the English Announce Table as well as the Spanish one.  Kane goes for the chokeslam on top of the table.  Bryan throws him off the table, kicks him in the face, and hits a big swinging DDT onto the outside of the ring.  Bryan hits some kicks to the side of Kane, but Kane reverses one and throws Bryan into the steel steps.  Kane throws the top steps off and sets up for the Tombstone Piledriver on the steps, but Bryan pushes Kane into the post.  Bryan looks under the ring and finds another kendo stick.  He nails a few shots to the ribs and shoulders until Kane has enough and hits a throat thrust on Bryan.  Kane runs with Bryan and throws him into the entrance screen.  They head backstage and Kane throws Bryan into a cooler.  Kane picks up a tv and throws it into the cooler.  Kane slams Bryan’s head on to a case.  Kane does it again.  They move into the parking lot and Kane throws Bryan’s head into the production truck.  Bryan smacks Kane with a snow shovel?!  Bryan jumps on Kane on a car, but is flung onto it.  Kane threw a large object at Bryan, but Bryan dodges and it goes through the windshield.  Kane goes to punch Bryan, misses, and breaks the window of a car.  Bryan nails Kane with a tire iron and starts hitting him again and again.  He puts him on the front of a forklift and Bryan drives the lift back towards the ring.

Bryan stops at ringside, lifts the lift up with Kane on it, puts it above the ring and drops Kane back into the ring.  Bryan gets out of the lift, climbs onto the platform that carried Kane, does the YES motion and hits a flying headbutt onto Kane.  Covers and he gets only a two.  Bryan is firing up now and shaking his head.  He starts doing the YES chant and Kane wakes up.  He catches Bryan’s run and hits a chokeslam for two.  Kane pursues the referee demanding him count better.  Kane grabs a chair from the apron?  He slams it down and does the cut throat motion.  He picks up Bryan for the the piledriver, but Bryan counters into a swinging DDT onto the chair.  He gets a two count.  Bryan gets up with the chair and smacks Kane on the back ten times!  He goes for the YES Lock and locks it in.  Kane is trying to claw for the ropes, but Bryan is losing his grip.  Kane grabs the Kendo stick and whacks Bryan with it.  Bryan grabs the stick and incorporates the kendo stick into the YES Lock.  Kane crawls outside to break it.  Bryan goes for a suicide dive, but Kane catches Bryan and hits a chokeslam through the English Announce Table.  Kane pulls out a table.

Kane pulls out some gasoline as well!  He pours gas on the table and you now what’s coming next!  The table is alight.  Bryan and Kane climb to the apron and Bryan flings Kane through the table.  Kane is freaking out because of the fire?  He flails into the ring and eats The Knee for the three count.

Winner (and STILL WWE World Heavweight Champion):  Daniel Bryan

After the match, Kane gets up looking pissed.  He signals the flames and the stage erupts in flames behind Bryan.  They stare off as the show ends.

Thanks for joining me for the show!

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