Orphan Black Episode 3 Review – “Mingling Its Own Nature With It”

Every week, I’m shocked at how fast an hour can pass while I watch Orphan Black. I don’t know that any other show keeps me on the edge of my seat the way this one does. And once again, I finished an episode and couldn’t believe I’d been watching one actress play so many different parts.


I don’t have time to fully review Orphan Black this week, so I’ll focus on Sarah’s storyline. She escaped the safehouse where Mrs. S had been keeping Kira with Felix and Kira. Mrs. S helped them escape in the end, taking out two of her longtime allies after realizing they’d been paid to turn on her. Who is Mrs. S and what organization does she work for? I’m dying to know.

Scraping by to survive, Sarah took Felix and Kira to the home of one of her former marks – and, interestingly, Kira’s dad. I was wondering if he would ever come into play. (And, he’s played by this guy.) He’s a good guy, and now he has to keep Kira safe – Sarah was captured by an evildoer from Dyad and Cal was left protecting Kira by shotgun. Or sniper rifle? I don’t know. I don’t subscribe to Garden and Gun magazine.

The episode ended with Sarah, driving, and her captor, getting hit by a truck – on the passenger side. Did she do it on purpose? Who let’s the abducted person drive?

Stray thoughts:

  • It’s interesting to see Felix’s allegiance switch from Sarah to Allison. Of course he’ll always love Sarah and Kira, but leaving to see Allison’s awful play? Come on, Fe. That’s weak.
  • Cosima discovered another clone who died this week, from the same mystery illness she’s suffering from.
  • The idea of Helena reproducing is more terrifying than anything we’ve seen yet.