WWE Monday Night RAW LIVE Results For 5/5/14: Extreme Rules Fallout

It’s the RAW after Extreme Rules. What’s next for all parties involved in the big matches at Extreme Rules? A 20 man Battle Royal for the United States Championship will start the show. The debut of Adam Rose is also tonight. Follow along!

For The Vacant US Title. Wait, It Wasn’t Vacant?

The Battle Royal is starting the show. It can be tough to describe these as they go, especially with everyone in the ring at once. I’ll try my best. Xaiver Woods was the first eliminated by Big Show. Zack Ryder soon followed. Big Show press slammed Sin Cara to the outside onto a pile of guys already eliminated, which now included R-Truth and Titus O’Neil. Sandow was eliminated into commercial.

Back from break Henry and Show had a staredown. It ended with Big Show chokeslamming Henry. But Big Show then ate a Brogue Kick and everyone ganged up to eliminate him, and then they also eliminated Mark Henry. There was then a handful of eliminations, the worst of which was Ziggler being eliminated by the Cobra. Ambrose eliminated Rybaxel. It was down to Ambrose, Swagger and Sheamus but Swagger was eliminated by Ambrose. Ambrose then turned right into a Brogue Kick from Sheamus, who eliminated Ambrose to win the US Title.


After the match, Triple H came out. He said The Shield was extremely lucky last night. He said it looks like their luck is changing and they will face the Wyatts later tonight.

Sheamus was interviewed backstage. He said things haven’t been going his way since coming back from injury. He said tonight was all about perfect timing. Renee asked Sheamus if he had anything to say to Ambrose, and he said “No hard feelings fella.”

Daniel Bryan was backstage with Brie. Stephanie McMahon came in and said all he did was anger Kane last night. Steph said he should stay in his locker room until his match later tonight. When she left, Brie noticed a Kane mask on the back of the door.

Cesaro Needs New Music

It’s RVD vs Cesaro. Cesaro caught RVD going for a leap frog and hit a backbreaker. RVD caught Cesaro with a kick to the face then another off the second rope. RVD connected on Rolling Thunder as Cesaro regrouped on the outside. Cesaro then caught RVD with a punch to the eye. RVD stopped himself in the ropes and dumped Cesaro to the outside. RVD then hit a senton over the top and a standing moonsault off the apron. Back in the ring RVD hit a leg drop over the top for two. RVD went for a spinning heel kick but Cesaro blocked it and clotheslined RVD to the outside.

Back from break Cesaro had a headlock applied. RVD escaped and went for a roll up that got two. Cesaro came right back with a leap then body stomp for two. RVD caught a charging Cesaro with a boot in the corner. He leaped off the second rope but went right into an uppercut. Cesaro hit another uppercut then lifted RVD off the ground and hit three gut wrench backdrops. RVD caught Cesaro with an elbow. He went to the top but Cesaro knocked him off. RVD got caught in the ropes. Cesaro landed shot after shot on RVD and ignored the referees five count, so he was disqualified.

WINNER: Rob Van Dam via DQ

Bray Wyatt: New Spokesman For Be A Star

Back from break Bray Wyatt was in the ring. He said Abigail told him that he could one day change the world. But he said this world always referred to him as trash and a nobody. He said those people have made this day so sweet for him, because last night he became a somebody. Bray replayed the child with the creepy singing at Extreme Rules. He said every child sees right through John Cena. Bray said John Cena is right, he is a monster. Bray said he does wish to watch the world burn. He said the world needs to be burned down so it can be reborn in his image. Bray said he doesn’t do this for himself. He does this for the children, the starving poor man and the girl who thinks she is too ugly to be the prom queen. He said from this day forward John Cena stands alone. But everyone else can join him and see him for what he truly is: a god.

It’s Cody Rhodes vs Ryback. Cody had the upper hand early on until Ryback caught him and dropped him on the ropes. Ryback caught Cody with an elbow followed by three suplexes. Ryback connected on a bodyslam followed by a splash for two. Cody fought out of a headlock but Ryback caught him with a spinebuster. Ryback missed a splash and Cody started his comeback. Cody went for a Disaster Kick but Ryback caught him. Cody escaped and finally connected on a Disaster Kick. He hit a springboard dropkick. Cody went to the top. Axel tried to knock him off but Goldust stopped him and was knocked into the post. Cody lost his balance and Ryback caught him and hit Shell Shocked for the win.

WINNER: Ryback

Backstage the lights went out in Bryan and Brie’s room and a Kane mask was on the light. Steph met them in the hallway and said she would have their car brought up.

Los Matadores and El Torito were in the ring celebrating Cinco de Mayo until 3MB came out. They offered a truce. El Torito offered Hornswoggle some candy but he spit it out. The two brawled. Los Matadores cleared the ring of 3MB then El Torito rammed Hornswoggle out of the ring.

Alexander Rusev vs Kofi Kingston. Rusev dominated early. Kofi caught Rusev with some kicks then hit a crossbody off the top rope. Kofi went for another one but Rusev caught him and hit a fallaway slam. Rusev then applied the Accolade for the win.

Don’t Let Kane Near Your Car

Daniel Bryan and Brie were leaving in their car. Steph came up to them and told Bryan his match was next, and if he left it would be a breach of contract and he’d be stripped of the title.

Daniel Bryan vs Alberto del Rio. Bryan started with a quick dropkick then some kicks in the corner. Del Rio caught Bryan with a kick to the face then went to a headlock. Bryan fought out but went right into a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker. Del Rio landed some kicks in the corner but Bryan fought back with some of his own. Bryan landed some more kicks but missed the last one and Del Rio hit the backstabber. Bryan went to the outside and Del Rio tossed him into the barricade.

Back from break Bryan escaped a headlock but Del Rio hit a German Suplex. Del Rio hit a kick in the corner then applied an armbar in the ropes. Del Rio went to the top but Bryan shoved him away. Bryan went to work on the leg of Del Rio then drop kicked him out of the ring. Del Rio countered Bryan and dropped him on the barricade. Back in the ring, Bryan ducked Del Rio’s kick and Bryan caught Del Rio with one of his own. The two exchanged punches and kicks until Bryan got the upper hand. Del Rio regained control and slammed Bryan into the corner then clotheslined him. Both men went to the top but Bryan knocked Del Rio off. Bryan hit the flying headbutt off the top for two. Bryan dropkicked Del Rio in the corner then hit his dive to the outside.

Back in the ring, Bryan went to the top but Del Rio caught him with an enziguri kick to the head for two. Del Rio went for the cross armbreaker but Bryan reversed it. Bryan then countered a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker attempt into the YES Lock. Del Rio tapped.

WINNER: Daniel Bryan

After the match Kane’s music and pyro hit. Bryan and Brie went to the car but a wire was unplugged. When Bryan put the hood down Kane was in the back seat. Bryan fought him off and got back in the car. Kane was on the roof as Bryan drove off and Kane fell off the roof. Bryan went to heck on him but Kane sat up. Bryan got back in the car and drove off.

Remember When Big E Was Thought To Be A Future Main Eventer?

Bad News Barrett vs Big E for the IC Title. Big E started with some early mat takedowns then hit a handful of backbreakers. They went to the outside where Big E slammed Barrett’s head on the steps, then speared Barrett into the steps. The two brawled on the apron. Big E missed a spear on the apron and went right into the post. Barrett then clotheslined him on the outside. Back from break Big E started a comeback with a belly-to-belly. He went for the splash but Barrett got his knees up to block it. Barrett then hit the Winds of Change for two. Barrett went for Wasteland but Big E escaped. Barrett went to the apron but Big E caught him with a knee. He went for the Bullhammer Elbow but Big E ducked and hit a clothesline. Big E then speared Barrett to the outside. Back in the ring Big E went for the Big Ending, but Barrett escaped with a rake of the eyes that the ref didn’t see. Barrett hit the Bullhammer Elbow for the win.

WINNER: Bad News Barrett

A Mr. T Mother’s Day Rap/Tribute aired.

Jack Swagger and Zeb came out cutting a promo about who they would like to deport. Adam Rose came out with his party bus entourage. Rose told Zeb to stop being a lemon and to be a rose bud. Swagger charged at him and Rose caught him with a kick then dumped him to the outside. Rose and his crew partied around the ring as Zeb crawled out.

Yeah, This Will Be Good

It’s The Shield vs The Wyatts. The match started with all six men brawling. Eventually Ambrose and Rowan started. Ambrose tagged in Rollins who ate a knee from Rowan. Harper came in. Rollins escaped a suplex and Ambrose and Rollins hit a double suplex. Reigns came in and landed some punches in the corner. Rollins was tagged and ate a couple slaps from Harper which was followed up by a suplex. Bray came in and landed a kick to the gut on Rollins. Rowan came in and continued to work over Rollins. Rollins escaped a powerslam and caught Rowan with an enziguri kick. Ambrose came in and hit a crossbody. He dropkicked Rowan then knocked Harper off the apron and hit a crossbody over the top. Ambrose then applied a Figure Four. Bray and Harper came in to stop it and Rollins and Reigns countered. It was a staredown into commercial.

The Wyatts continued to work over Ambrose back from break. Ambrose caught a charging Rowan with a boot then Rowan went over the top to the outside as did Harper. Rollins came in and hit a swanton over the top. Back in the ring Rollins hit a spinning neckbreaker then dropped Harper on the turnbuckle. Rollins then hit a running 180 splash. He went on the ropes but Harper pushed him off then hit a dive through the ropes. Harper started taking part the announce table but the action went back into the ring.

Bray tagged in and hit a running splash in the corner. Harper came in and knocked Reigns off the apron, then caught Rollins with a nasty looking kick to the head. Ambrose broke up the pin and went after Rowan. But Bray and Rowan gained the upper hand knocked Ambrose over the announce table. In the ring, Rollins caught Haroer with an enziguri kick and tagged in Reigns. Bray got the tag as well but Reigns hit a couple clohteslines and then sent Rowan over the top. He then hit the apron dropkick on Bray followed by a clothesline off the second rope. All six men brawled. Ambrose and Rollins hit dueling dives on Rowan and Harper. Reigns caught Bray with the Superman punch.

Suddenly Evolution’s music hit and they walked to the ring. Harper and Rowan tried to attack from behind but Ambrose and Rollins hit dueling dives again and took out Batista and Orton as well. In the ring Reigns hit HHH with the Superman Punch. But Bray caught Reigns with his running dive then hit Sister Abigail for the win.

WINNERS: The Wyatt Family

After the match Evolution once again took out all the members of the Shield. Reigns attempted to fight back but Orton caught him with the RKO. Batista then hit a powerbomb on Reigns as Evolution stood tall to close the show.


Shield/Wyatts: I liked the match itself. It may not have been on par with what these teams have given us before, but it was still good wrestling. Of course these six have proven time and time again that they are capable of all that.

Daniel Bryan/Alberto del Rio: This was a good match, something you would expect from these two. Remember when we all thought Del Rio would be a top player in the WWE? You knew he could have good matches like this but the WWE ruined the booking of him. And this is exactly what Bryan should be doing as WWE Champ: Going out every night and putting on solid matches with different competition.


Daniel Bryan/Kane Shenanigans: I defended the stuff from last week. I couldn’t this week. Where to start? Brie’s terrible screaming? The Champ running? The cheesy Steph stuff? Bryan isn’t in danger yet because he is still the most over guy on the roster. But they are going to start to walk a tedious line if they keep up this crap. This was bad and there really shouldn’t be a reason for this feud to continue. There are better options out there then more of this, especially if this is going to be the crap we are getting.

Adam Rose Debut: Look, I like the Adam Rose gimmick. I want it to work. It is something that is different but needed in the WWE. But that was just a bad way to make a debut. I would have much rather seen him in a match against Fandango or someone else. It just kind of fell flat for me. They could have done a lot better.

Sheamus Title Win: I guess I have this here because I don’t get the point of it. It seems like it is to start his heel turn. But why does he need the US Title? I would have much rather seen someone like Rusev win it. Then you have someone who could use the Title, and it builds more heat for Rusev who would be holding the US Title while doing an anti-American gimmick. I just don’t see the point of putting the Title on Sheamus.

IC Title Rematch: The match just didn’t have the same thing it had last night. Part of it may be that Big E has fallen off a cliff in terms of popularity. Of course, when you book him like crap during his IC Title reign then it is your own fault. He’s lost all steam and something is needed to freshen up his character. What that is I have no idea. But it’s a good thing that Bad News Barrett seems to be catching on at least. He deserves it.

RVD/Cesaro: The match itself was okay. But I just don’t know where they are going with all of this. I wish there was some kind of definitive end game. To me all it seems like is that they really have no set plan for Cesaro and are just treading water until something else comes up. Of course, it seems like the WWE’s booking is like that right now anyways.

Tonight wasn’t a good follow up to Extreme Rules. The booking just seems backwards. You have the faces win the top two matches, but then both feuds continue? Usually it is the other way around. But the WWE is at risk of losing some viewers if the continue this downward spiral they seem to be on post-Wrestlemania. Something needs to happen to freshen things up. Unfortunately, I don’t think we are getting that until the big summer angle that usually happens starts. That’s why this show gets a 2.

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